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Taurus 1.0

Okie Dokie. Now for Taurus. Taurus is the bull. A bull with a woman dancing on its back as a show of strength and grace. The time period for Taurus is April 20th to May 21st. They are the first earth sign, and the first fixed sign. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. When you look at the characteristics of Taurus you are looking at the feminine principle of Venus. Venus has masculine and feminine qualities like all the planets. Its male aspect is Libra. To understand this sign more you have to look at the house it comes from and the goddess that gives it it’s qualities. Taurus is from the second house of possessions and material values we own. This house governs how we attract those things. The Goddesses to look at for Taurus is, traditionally, Aphrodite and Venus. There is not enough raw material on her as there was for the god Ares. I think it is because we know that Venus is materialistic, sexual and attractive. Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, fortune, sexuality, and beauty. She is the beautiful feminine know for her mischief (this is better for Libra) and desires. Taurus take the practical and materialistic aspect of Venus. They personify her indulgence of physical/earthly pleasures. They enjoy everything that says luxury and comfort. The best word for Taurus is hedonist. The lazy hedonist if you want to be more exact.

Then, there is the earth aspect of Taurus. The Earth element takes on three aspects through the zodiac. Earth presents its self through Taurus as steadfast, consistent, and practical.  Though Taurus is reliable they tend to enjoy leisure more than normal. As the first fixed sign of the zodiac Taurus sets the lazy and stubborn tone for all the other fixed signs. It is also hard to get a Taurus to move on a decision  they have set there mind to just like it is hard to get this sign to move any faster than their current pace-they just will not do it. in fact they move slower if that is possible. The bull is normally emotionally self-centered. Yet, they are creative people able to see intrinsic beauty in the things around the- notice I said things not people.  Though there can be a touch of fire when it comes to how they feel, you will never see it on the surface. Though because emotions aren’t practical (aannnnddd you can’t make them be) they can’t keep their emotions under wrap forever. This is usually when Taurus explodes violently. I’m mean violently. From what I’ve seen it is worst than Aries. This is mainly because the temper is under pressure. For a gloss over on relationships this sign is about ownership when it comes to there partner- you are their property . They are sensual lovers and tend, if they don’t have a crap ton of Aries or Gemini placements, to take their time with pleasure. They enjoy stability in relationships so don’t play around on them or try to make them jealous. If you do try, you will get no where with this sign. Career-wise, it will benefit Taurus greatly if they network with people, all type of people in the career world.  Taurus can land the job the always hoped and dreamed for if they put their mind to it. Oddly enough Taurus would be useful in the sciences given their 10th house is Aquarius. Something to think about.  Any Whoville… Oh, something to add the phrase for Taurus is I have.

So, I’m ending this here…



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