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Leo 1.0

Now we are talking about Leoooss!!! This is the Lion of the zodiac. Leo is a fixed fire sign starting from July 22nd – August 23rd and comes from the 5th house of the zodiac. The fifth house is about fun, creativity, personal hobbies, children, sexual pleasures, joy, speculation, gambling, risk, advice, and education. Leo is ruled by the Sun and rules the heart. The Sun is only masculine it does have a feminine aspect that being the Moon and the zodiac four houses away. ( side note the other masculine aspect of cancer is the zodiac that is ten houses away. I will give more information as this blog progress :). ) The Sun in astrology is the soul, the ego, what we personally identify as, or project in the outer world. What does the Sun give to Leo… Well with this we will do something different by using the Herculean myth and the Greco-roman gods.   There is a Grecian myth of Hercules first challenge The Nemean Lion. The Nemean Lion was a monster born of Thyon and Echidna with a fur of gold making him bold, prideful, and invincible. There are Greek and Roman Sun gods. Helios (Titian) or Apollo (Olympian) and Sol respectively. The Greek Helios he embodied the sun and light. Through the limited myths about him, you can see he supported the structural and cultural elements that upheld life. Apollo also was the god of the Sun, light, knowledge, and morality to say the least. He was a master of music- one of the seven traditional liberal arts. The Roman Sol and like all of their gods, the Romans just renamed Helios. Starting from the Sun, Leo is all about the Ego, who they are and how they see themselves. Leos shines from within, because of the fixed expression, with a light that will not easily be put out.

Leos have passion, this makes them extremely dramatic. They are self-centered and self-interested- yet willing to give to others when they are full of themselves. Here is another way to understand Leo. Think of an Aries full of pride that they won a competition. Now, take that pride and ego actualize it, and you have a basic comprehension of a Leo. Just like the Lion, Leo believes they are invincible- just like kings. They radiate the joy of life. Leo’s are curious and creative using different hobbies as their outlet. Socially they love to surround themselves with beauty and have people speak flowery compliments- all. Damn. Day.  Emotionally, Leos are a contradiction just like Aries. Where Aries acts tough but are really jelly-filled and sensitive. Leo is light-hearted, fun, and confident but will be obsessive with a bit of a dark tinge. They tend to secretly brood over situations and will hold a grudge against you until the day you die. They will deeply attach themselves to their family and be VERY protective of their homes. The depth of emotion is why they are very loyal to the people they feel close to. Though they will see and go through their share of emotional betrayal and will not hold back when slighted.

In relationships, Leo will be presented with people what continuously remind them the world doesn’t revolve around them, to think of the bigger picture, and usually gets the cold shoulder. To adapt, they must be as cold and distant as their partner. Leo will detach, focusing back on themselves,  in relationships and continually wants something new, fun, and unique.  They enjoy the dating life and will stick to their ideas of what a relationship should be. The image Leos portray is lazy, stubborn, and a lover of luxury. With their career, they want something they can shine in. A career with high financial gains with little need to listen to authority. An inexhausted list for the ideal job would be an actor, salesman, stockbroker, someone famous, artist,  or public figure in the government.

The phrase for Leo is I will.


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