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Aquarius 1.0

AAaquariuss! Aquarius is the water bearer. This is a fixed air sign coming from the eleventh house of hopes and dreams, the collective conscious, and groups. The time period for this house is from January 20th to February 18th. Aquarius has two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus. With Saturn, Aquarius is the Masculine aspect, and for Uranus, Aquarius is the sole aspect. In Greek mythology, Aquarius is a Trojan prince by the name of Ganymede. Ganymede was a youth who caught Zeus’ eye.  Zeus then became an eagle taking the boy to mount Olympus setting Ganymede as the cupbearer for the gods. He became immortal at the hands of Zeus later became a constellation because of his kindness. Mainly because he plead to Zeus on behalf of humanity for rain. There is more to this story, but that is the gist of Aquarius. Uranus is the planet/god to look at with Aquarius. He is not an Olympian, but a Titan. He is the god of the sky. To say a god is a sky god is to say he is the highest god in the pantheon. Uranus was later overthrown by his son Cronos, the god Saturn, by castration.

Soo, moving on to Aquarius. This is the sign is loyal to ideas, and progression. They are seen as weird or futuristic being a reason why this is linked to the scientist. Aquarius plays devil’s advocate with contemporary thought usually leaning towards egalitarianism. They are logical people wanting reason to govern over everything else. The water-bearer is able to detach themselves from others being in a group but maintain individuality. They are efficient and stable with their emotions, and will not quickly change how they feel about something do to outside influences. They enjoy exchanging ideas by learning and socializing enjoying someone there to hear their thoughts. Romanticly, they partner with people that have strong sun or fire placements. Their partners seem childish and playful. Usually, the other half of the Aquarius is self-centered. In the social aspect, they attract people to them but just existing. They are unexplainable magnetic. Career-wise Aquarius could be anything that will constitute transformation on a large scale.

Their phrase is I know.


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