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The Moon in astrology is the inner world, mind, subconscious, habits, how one give and likes to receive nurturing, the soul, and emotions in astrology. It is one of three parts of the core personality besides the Sun and rising. Because it is already within us the Moon can never go retrograde and is the feminine aspect of the Sun. Moon governs the 4th house Cancer zodiac sign and the Mother. The Moon falls in Scorpio and is exalted in Taurus. This astro planet goes through the zodiac for about 28 days lasting in one sign around 2 and one-half days. Also, there are 13 full moons in one year.

The Moon has 3 phases a waxing, full and waining. It is attributed to the water element. Alchemically the moon relates Silver, the Operation of distillation, the Queen, and the feminine principle.

Moon deities have characteristics of psychic ability, nurturing, magick, dreams, emotions, nurturing and motherhood, fertility, and gateways to other worlds.

Moon Deities: Sin, Atrimis, Selena, Hekate, Diana, Cerridwen to say the least.

I have more to say on the Moon in astrology. But I’ma keep it short.


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