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Venus is the second planet in our solar system named after the Roman goddess of Love sensuality and beauty. Venus has an 8-year cycle creating a pentagram before it starts a new cycle. It is known as the morning and evening star. It takes 224.5 days to orbit the Sun staying in a sign about one to two months depending on the motion of this planet. Meaning if Venus is in the process of going into or out of retrograde, retrograde, or direct. Venus never travels far from the Sun in astrology it is one or two signs behind, in front of, or in the same sign as the Sun.

In astrology, Venus is about relationships, values, material, and sensuality. It rules Taurus and Libra Exalted in Pisces, Falls in Scorpio and Aries, and is debilitated in Virgo. Venus governs 2 signs Taurus the sign of stability and comfort and Libra the sign of relationships and harmony. Also, rules two houses the second house of personal value and material and the 7th house relationships and contracts. The elements attributed to Venus are earth-practical and air attributing logic to the planet Venus. Venus aspects and placements in a natal chart give a softer, feminine and attractive influence. For example, Venus-Pluto aspects don’t change the dominant and possessive nature of Pluto but Venus gives Pluto a softer feel. making Pluto seem less aggressive and domineering at first. As if the Venus is the bait because it is more attractive. Venus-Mars aspects make someone more passive and diplomatic in how they express Marian qualities like anger or sexual desires.

Venus behaves differently in a man’s chart than a woman’s chart. In a man’s chart, Venus is what the man desires in the opposite sex. In a woman’s chart, Venus is what the woman is or should embody to express her feminine self. If you want to express more of your feminity man or woman using astrology Look to Venus for the physical feminine expression.

Someone with strong Venus placements/aspects will have and strive to be very balanced in their expression, have an eye for art and beauty. They seem superficial. Their main objective it maintaining harmony in life and themselves.

Venus corresponds to Friday, the metal copper, and All goddesses that govern beauty, love, and money.



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