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Mars in the 4th planet int he solar system. It is in front of the asteroid belt and after Earth and has two moons. It takes Mars 687 days to orbit the Sun. Mars stays in a sign about two months to at the most seven months depending on the motion of this planet. Meaning if Mars is in the process of going into or out of retrograde, retrograde, or direct.

Mars in astrology represents raw force and primal rage. This planet is pure energy. Mars rules two signs, Aries and Scorpio, and two houses the 1st and the 8th house. The modalities attributed to this planet are cardinal and fixed. Mars rules the physical body, the personality, and what it takes to survive in the world.  The main thing to stick Mars with is that it is hot (fire) and immovable (ice).

Mars is a planet that can retrograde because, traditionally, it rules a masculine (Aries) and a feminine (Scorpio) sign. The only planets that cannot retrograde are the traditional planets the Sun and Moon in astrology. The masculine and feminine side of Mars both have the common element of force and primal energy. The difference between them is the masculine aspect of Mars is about going head-on into situations making its mark and initiating things in the world and environment. The feminine element acknowledges the fiery impulse of mars but plans out and scheme ways to express that energy. Most of the time the feminine Mars energy could show through manipulating others emotions, body, or belongings to conquer and control subtly. The feminine aspect is about maintaining and constructing on that energy.

Many see in astrology see Mars as the planet of masculinity. This is true, but it is good to know that Hermes (Mercury) is also a god of manhood, just a cool fact. Anyway, Mars represents different roles in a woman’s chart versus a man’s. Mars for women is the representative of what she is sexually, or romantically, attracts her. Mars is not a long-term partner or the husband it is more so a boyfriend, a short fling, or a  one night stand. In a man’s chart, Mars is how he express masculinity. Both men and woman can express masculine or feminine traits if you want to understand, or act out your masculinity learn where Mars sits in your chart meaning the sign and house placements and learn about your Mars’ aspects.

People with strong Mars in their chart have to learn about standing up for themselves and creating their own life with the raw passion for independence. Mars gives Mars dominant people a muscular physique, reddish hair or face, dominant and fiery personality. But Martians must learn how to harness and control this energy to benefit them in the long run.

The opposite energy of Mars is Venus. Venus is about harmony and partnership where Mars is about independence and force. Mars is the solder and leader with Venus being the courtesan and a partner.  The balance of Venus and Mars is about establishing the wants and desires of the individual (Mars) and the partner (Venus).

Mars governs weapons, rage, martial arts, and energy to say the least. Mars rules the head The metal for the Red Planet is iron. The day for Mars is Tuesday. The Planets color is red.

Martian gods have war-like characteristics, bold personalities, are associated with weapons and iron.

A short list of Maritan gods: Mars, Ares, and Ogun.

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