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6th House

The 6th house is governed by Mercury and native to the zodiac sign Virgo. The element closely associated with this house is earth making this house focused on practical and material matters. This is a cadent house dealing with change in someone’s environment. This house is about the day to day grind and work. This is the house of service, debt, open enemies, and health. Taking a closer look at this house and how it relates to the other earth houses shows it is where we organize matter from the 2nd house like making our values apparent in our day to day lives, managing the money we get from the 2nd house. About the 10th house of your legacy and your career, without having a job or a routine, there would be no legacy or profession you can build over time.

Planets in the sixth house take an earthy and mercurial tone. This is the feminine house of Mercury. The high, nervous, energy moves from being expressed logically, socially, and outward to internally, focusing on practical matters, breaking down information recives from your environment. Planets in this house is relational to having a planet in the sign Virgo and having that planet conjunct mercury.

With a quick overview of planets in the 6th house, we will start with the personal planets. The first of these being the Sun, your ego. Sun in the sixth is related to a Virgo sun. You identify with your logic building or holding your confidence through your ability to analyze areas and situations around you. For a Sun in the sixth house person, your health becomes who you are. It is best to maintain reasonable health and stay active to not get into a slump. Being kin to Sun/Mercury conjunction the mind and words are fine-tuned. Though not in the same way as the Sun in the third house. You take your time to accurately assess people, your environment, and situations to a ‘T.’ You have a talent when it comes to filtering the BS of others.

Moon in the 6th is like a Virgo moon. To feel emotionally, balance take care of your health and maintain a clean and organized environment. This is not an option. How organized your home reflects how calm, or chaotic, your mind maybe. The emotions most of the time run towards anxious, agitation, and restless. The best way to deal with those emotions would be through meditations and things of the 12th house. Taking time alone to recoup, reflection, and learning to live in the moment removes the overactive mercurial energy with peace when it comes to the moon. This placement leads you to want to talk about your emotions, though, not with just anyone you meet as a third house moon but someone you have some bound and depth. If not you will feel those you know superficially may betray your trust when you confide in them.

Mercury loves this location. It has the time to break down, digest, and comprehend the knowledge it gained from the 3rd house. This allows your logical mind to notice details within the body and surroundings. Though, because the 6th house is 3rd form the 8th house, what you say could have a bite to it. On a lighter note, your communication could have a focus on critiquing those around you. You are not always using that keen intelligence to convey the inner workings of others. Though, it is hard to BS a Mercury in the 6th.

Venus here creates someone who is down to earth with relationships and their values. Though they may seem too picky, this is not the case. If you take a look around many settles in life not living the fulfilled life they want and refuse to change for the better. Venus in the 6th is about aligning your values with your day to day life. Thus, altering the results by your routine. This placement is about bringing the perfect spiritual 12th house energy to the earth. For Venus, in the 6th the concept of perfection is attainable even if it is highly subjective. The trick is how do you get working down here? Oddly enough, you’ll have to blend 6th and 12th house energy harmoniously by having that goal of perfection but not focusing too much on it. Let people be, continue creating the vision of the life you want for yourself, reflecting on it daily, and those who are in tune with your values will gravitate towards you. People with this placement enjoy deep communication when it comes to relationships. They have the ability to speak clear, concise and eloquently.

Mars here is…uncomfortable. Mars is a planet of primal instinct. Not one that overthinks and overanalyze. 6th house Marians are curious about sex and everything to do with it. On the other hand Mars in the 6th can be quite particular when it comes to what they want in that area. There may be a few…knots to work out. Physical health and cleanliness are essential. Moving around helps dispel all that pinned up Mercurial nervousness in the body. They are darn near militant with their work.

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Virgo 1.0

Virgo is the sign of the maiden or the virgin. This is a mutable earth sign representing the change from summer to fall. Virgo comes from the 6th house of debt, open enemies, health, work, service, and small animals. Mercury rules Virgo making Virgo the feminine side of Mercury. I already went over Mercury, the god but I’ll do it again. So mercury is the god of borders, traveling, thieves, communication, the intellect. He moves between the god and humans, the living and the dead. As a constellation, Virgo is the virgin goddess Astraea who was the goddess of innocence and purity who will come back to the earth during the golden age of man.

Anywaysssss… Virgo is like Gemini in many regards though, the endless energy of Gemini is turned inward and focused with Virgo giving them a racing mind and loads of nervous, high strung, energy. Where Gemini can’t stop talking, Virgo can’t stop thinking. Virgos, being earth signs, points that inter focus on their body and their environment. They come from the 6th house, the first problem house of astrology, there is a lot of chaos going on about this house. Because of the house, Virgos will typically work on perfecting what is around them. The sign of the virgin can pick up on the smallest details and analysis everything they come into contact with. They tend to be practical, not up for anything that will cause too many problems and create another worry they would have to deal with. Emotionally, they want freedom. They enjoy traveling, as long as they can get back to work on time and it is not too much pressure on their checkbooks. They like drinking and letting loose…as long as they can eat enough fruits, and hydrate to balance out the harmful effects, it does to the body. They most like would like to eat a few more bananas to replace the potassium in their brain after “partying” a little too much. They would do drugs..if it is natural and not too addictive most likely, if they ever do them, they would lean to peyote, mushrooms, or marijuana. You get my drift. The best home for a Virgo is clean, minimal with a lot of space with an excellent library of science, D.I.Ys, philosophy, and anything else that would pique their interest. I’ma have to back up and go to the third house of Virgo. They have a reputation to be very critical. Well, their words can be downright cutting and hurtful. This is because Scorpio rules the third house of communication. They analysis their peers finding the shortcomings in those around them and then say something at the right moment that will hurt them most. Though, they say it matter of factly. Sometimes the realize the impact other times just because it is something they observed. Okay, moving on.

In relationships, they want someone they can relax with. Someone who will take the worries away- a very idealized partner. Then reality hits and the person they are with can’t even balance a checkbook. Causing the Virgo’s blood to boil-internally. This is a problem they have to fix. They will do all they can to fix their partner to get up to their level. It is best to not try and fix them, and move on with your life. May think Virgos have high standards, but most people don’t really work at life. I say to the Virgo, you have reasonable standards. Keep shooting for the stars. The best careers of a Virgo is one they can put there analytic side to use. This can be a tailor, fashion designer, accountant, mathematician, editor, writer, fitness instructor, doctors, nurse, or anything in health and computing. Something to add for Virgos, going to the adult side of things, their eighth house is Aries, they may be seen as prudes, but no. They are a tab bit intense when it comes to sex most likely will try anything once. Twice if it is kink filled.

The last thing I want to say is the phrase fro Virgo isĀ I analyze.