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Houses in Astrology

There are 12 houses in astrology. The 12 houses correlate to the 12 signs. The 1st house is home for Ares, the 2nd house is home to Taurus, the 3rd house is home to Gemini so on and so forth. Astrological houses hold an is the environment the zodiac signs evolve in. As for planets, the houses are ruled or governed by planets, corresponding to the masculine and feminine aspect of planets. An easy way to tell if a house is masculine or feminine is if it is an even or odd house. Even numbers are seen as feminine, odd numbers are masculine. Another way is by the natural element associated with that house, fire and air are masculine, earth and water are feminine.

There are three types of houses angular houses relating to cardinal signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Succedent houses relating to fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Then, cadent houses relating to mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Angular houses create the structure of the natal chart and start the flow of energy through the signs. Succedent houses preserve the energy created from the Agular houses and Cardinal signs. The need for preservation in the houses is one reason why fixed signs are stubborn and hard to change. Cadent houses keep the energy flowing ensuring nothing is stagnant. The requirement for energy to move and progress is why mutable signs need space freedom and the ability to move and transmute in accordance with there element.

The primary run through of the houses are as follows

House          Zodiac    Planet    Element   House type    Modality   Gender

1st house    Aries      Mars       Fire            Angular          Cardinal   Masculine

2nd House  Taurus   Venus    Earth        Succedent         Fixed        Feminine

3rd House  Gemini   Mercury  Air          Cadent              Mutable    Masculine

4th House  Cancer    Moon        Water      Angular           Cardinal   Feminine

5th House   Leo         Sun          Fire           Succedent        Fixed        Masculine

6th House  Virgo      Mercury   Earth       Cadent             Mutable   Feminine

7th House  Libra      Venus        Air            Angular          Cardinal    Masculine

8th House Scorpio    Mars/Pluto   Water   Succedent      Fixed        Feminine

9th House Sagittarius   Jupiter    Fire       Cadent            Mutable    Masculine

10th House Capricorn  Saturn   Earth    Angular          Cardinal    Feminine

11th House Aquarius  Saturn/Uranus   Air   Succedent    Fixed       Masculine

12th House Pisces  Jupiter/Neptune   Water   Cadent      Mutable   Feminine

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Uranus is a pale blue planet with a ring going from pole to pole around it. It is the seventh planet in the solar system. Surprisingly enough Uranus is visible to the naked eye, and it moves in an unusual pattern, on its side with a 98-degree tilt. It takes about 84 years to orbit the sun lasting in one sign for seven to eight years depending if the motion of the planet is direct, or in the various stages of retrograde.

Uranus is part of the modern planetary system there is no traditional day as there were for the first seven planets. It co-rules the 11th house with Saturn it is the energy that radically pushes to maintain survival. Though the push is not a firey force, it is a detach logical necessary to move forward. Also, there is only one zodiac sign under its rulership that is Aquarius. The elemental energy attributed to this oddball is air modality is fixed and it, so far, has a masculine expression.  Uranus in astrology is about sudden changes, originality, experimentation, pushing the boundaries, and governing the mass conscious mind.

Where ever this planet is in a natal chart will tell where that person will push for something outside of the social norms, can more easily be detached, and where ingenuity can be expressed. Those with Uranus as the lord of their chart will, in part, push social norms, have a pronounced quirk about them, have the potential of brilliance and quick mental faculties. Whenever Uranus is transiting a house or a planet in the natal chart, things will start to shake up a bit sudden breaks can happen, or sudden change.

Metaphysically this is a planet I would suggest you study more if you want to work with it. The outer planets work on broader scales and can become more than we can handle at times. This is a very revolutionary planet if you want to work with Uranus hold tight and hope you come out okay enough to continue on.

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Aquarius 1.0

AAaquariuss! Aquarius is the water bearer. This is a fixed air sign coming from the eleventh house of hopes and dreams, the collective conscious, and groups. The time period for this house is from January 20th to February 18th. Aquarius has two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus. With Saturn, Aquarius is the Masculine aspect, and for Uranus, Aquarius is the sole aspect. In Greek mythology, Aquarius is a Trojan prince by the name of Ganymede. Ganymede was a youth who caught Zeus’ eye.  Zeus then became an eagle taking the boy to mount Olympus setting Ganymede as the cupbearer for the gods. He became immortal at the hands of Zeus later became a constellation because of his kindness. Mainly because he plead to Zeus on behalf of humanity for rain. There is more to this story, but that is the gist of Aquarius. Uranus is the planet/god to look at with Aquarius. He is not an Olympian, but a Titan. He is the god of the sky. To say a god is a sky god is to say he is the highest god in the pantheon. Uranus was later overthrown by his son Cronos, the god Saturn, by castration.

Soo, moving on to Aquarius. This is the sign is loyal to ideas, and progression. They are seen as weird or futuristic being a reason why this is linked to the scientist. Aquarius plays devil’s advocate with contemporary thought usually leaning towards egalitarianism. They are logical people wanting reason to govern over everything else. The water-bearer is able to detach themselves from others being in a group but maintain individuality. They are efficient and stable with their emotions, and will not quickly change how they feel about something do to outside influences. They enjoy exchanging ideas by learning and socializing enjoying someone there to hear their thoughts. Romanticly, they partner with people that have strong sun or fire placements. Their partners seem childish and playful. Usually, the other half of the Aquarius is self-centered. In the social aspect, they attract people to them but just existing. They are unexplainable magnetic. Career-wise Aquarius could be anything that will constitute transformation on a large scale.

Their phrase is I know.


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