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First House in astrology

The first astrological house is an angular house. This is the native to the zodiac Ares and is ruled by Mars. The element associated with the first house is fire. The first house is the house of self and where we can find the ascendant. The ascendant in a natal chart is the sign that was rising on the horizon during the time of birth, and it directs a person’s life path.

Planets in the first house attribute to your personality, and your first impression of others. The sign rising creates the overall mask of who you are. The element of the rising sign is the element you present to the world first. For example, if you have an earth sign in the rising sign, then your go-to element is earth. Your personality would be defined as practical, down to earth, you are seen as a sensual person, material stability and luxury are essential for you. I’ll continue on with the elements in the rising… If the sign of your rising is a fire sign then you are more inclined with being self-centered (this is not all bad), vibrant, possibility temperamental, having a child-like wonder and air, personal freedom is one of your focus.

With a water sign as the rising, you’ll have a knack for understanding and manipulating other’s emotions, you can reflect what others feel back to them if need be. Security is prominent in your life, your mother and family will have a significant impact on your personality. For air signs as the rising your personality focus on mental aspects, relationships and communicating with others are essential. Being social is a must. These rising are logic centered and are more inclined to explore social boundaries.

As for the Personal Planets in the 1st house. It is like having a Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars conjunct with Mars. The Planets become lord of your chart and aspects you closely identify with.  Sun in the 1st house is for leaders though who will not allow anyone else put out there shine. They are conscious of what others see of them and their first impression. Sun here is like an Aries sun. My advice to allow them to be them. Getting in their way will be a mistake.

With the Moon here, your emotions are apparent, woman and your mother are important influencers for good or bad in your life. This is close to having an Aries moon or a Moon/Mars conjunction. Someone with the moon in the first house is likely to have a bit of a temper, combative, or someone who leads their life with emotions or a mother who is like that. You can reflect what others feel with this placement. The closer the moon is to the ascendant the more prevalent this is.

Mercury here leads you to be talkative and a smarty pants. Someone with this placement will have a quick mind and a sharp tongue with multiple interests and skills. Though because this is like having a Mercury/Mars conjunction it makes you ruthless when in an argument. I personally would not want trade words with this person.

Venus here makes some level of your personality diplomatic. You can be physically attractive in some way, or artistically inclined. This planet allows balance in the native life and nature. Favorable, because Venus is about money, situations flow into this Persons life. This is relatable to having Venus/Mar conjunction possibly making someone passive aggressive.

Mars in comfortable here. This is one of the best places for Mars. The planet makes you active here, giving you the energy to stand up for yourself. This makes you act bolder than any other planet, except for the Sun. Most people with Mars in the first require physical exertion like running, jogging, weight lifting, martial arts, etc. The closer Mars is to the ascendant the stronger its influence on the native’s personality.

You can break down the meaning of someones rising sign with all the elements, modalities, or gender polarities.

astrology, Houses!

Houses in Astrology

There are 12 houses in astrology. The 12 houses correlate to the 12 signs. The 1st house is home for Ares, the 2nd house is home to Taurus, the 3rd house is home to Gemini so on and so forth. Astrological houses hold an is the environment the zodiac signs evolve in. As for planets, the houses are ruled or governed by planets, corresponding to the masculine and feminine aspect of planets. An easy way to tell if a house is masculine or feminine is if it is an even or odd house. Even numbers are seen as feminine, odd numbers are masculine. Another way is by the natural element associated with that house, fire and air are masculine, earth and water are feminine.

There are three types of houses angular houses relating to cardinal signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Succedent houses relating to fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Then, cadent houses relating to mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Angular houses create the structure of the natal chart and start the flow of energy through the signs. Succedent houses preserve the energy created from the Agular houses and Cardinal signs. The need for preservation in the houses is one reason why fixed signs are stubborn and hard to change. Cadent houses keep the energy flowing ensuring nothing is stagnant. The requirement for energy to move and progress is why mutable signs need space freedom and the ability to move and transmute in accordance with there element.

The primary run through of the houses are as follows

House          Zodiac    Planet    Element   House type    Modality   Gender

1st house    Aries      Mars       Fire            Angular          Cardinal   Masculine

2nd House  Taurus   Venus    Earth        Succedent         Fixed        Feminine

3rd House  Gemini   Mercury  Air          Cadent              Mutable    Masculine

4th House  Cancer    Moon        Water      Angular           Cardinal   Feminine

5th House   Leo         Sun          Fire           Succedent        Fixed        Masculine

6th House  Virgo      Mercury   Earth       Cadent             Mutable   Feminine

7th House  Libra      Venus        Air            Angular          Cardinal    Masculine

8th House Scorpio    Mars/Pluto   Water   Succedent      Fixed        Feminine

9th House Sagittarius   Jupiter    Fire       Cadent            Mutable    Masculine

10th House Capricorn  Saturn   Earth    Angular          Cardinal    Feminine

11th House Aquarius  Saturn/Uranus   Air   Succedent    Fixed       Masculine

12th House Pisces  Jupiter/Neptune   Water   Cadent      Mutable   Feminine

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Mars in the 4th planet int he solar system. It is in front of the asteroid belt and after Earth and has two moons. It takes Mars 687 days to orbit the Sun. Mars stays in a sign about two months to at the most seven months depending on the motion of this planet. Meaning if Mars is in the process of going into or out of retrograde, retrograde, or direct.

Mars in astrology represents raw force and primal rage. This planet is pure energy. Mars rules two signs, Aries and Scorpio, and two houses the 1st and the 8th house. The modalities attributed to this planet are cardinal and fixed. Mars rules the physical body, the personality, and what it takes to survive in the world.  The main thing to stick Mars with is that it is hot (fire) and immovable (ice).

Mars is a planet that can retrograde because, traditionally, it rules a masculine (Aries) and a feminine (Scorpio) sign. The only planets that cannot retrograde are the traditional planets the Sun and Moon in astrology. The masculine and feminine side of Mars both have the common element of force and primal energy. The difference between them is the masculine aspect of Mars is about going head-on into situations making its mark and initiating things in the world and environment. The feminine element acknowledges the fiery impulse of mars but plans out and scheme ways to express that energy. Most of the time the feminine Mars energy could show through manipulating others emotions, body, or belongings to conquer and control subtly. The feminine aspect is about maintaining and constructing on that energy.

Many see in astrology see Mars as the planet of masculinity. This is true, but it is good to know that Hermes (Mercury) is also a god of manhood, just a cool fact. Anyway, Mars represents different roles in a woman’s chart versus a man’s. Mars for women is the representative of what she is sexually, or romantically, attracts her. Mars is not a long-term partner or the husband it is more so a boyfriend, a short fling, or a  one night stand. In a man’s chart, Mars is how he express masculinity. Both men and woman can express masculine or feminine traits if you want to understand, or act out your masculinity learn where Mars sits in your chart meaning the sign and house placements and learn about your Mars’ aspects.

People with strong Mars in their chart have to learn about standing up for themselves and creating their own life with the raw passion for independence. Mars gives Mars dominant people a muscular physique, reddish hair or face, dominant and fiery personality. But Martians must learn how to harness and control this energy to benefit them in the long run.

The opposite energy of Mars is Venus. Venus is about harmony and partnership where Mars is about independence and force. Mars is the solder and leader with Venus being the courtesan and a partner.  The balance of Venus and Mars is about establishing the wants and desires of the individual (Mars) and the partner (Venus).

Mars governs weapons, rage, martial arts, and energy to say the least. Mars rules the head The metal for the Red Planet is iron. The day for Mars is Tuesday. The Planets color is red.

Martian gods have war-like characteristics, bold personalities, are associated with weapons and iron.

A short list of Maritan gods: Mars, Ares, and Ogun.
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Aries 1.0

Okay, To start with the first of the Western zodiac-Aries. This post is going to be a little generic so bear with me as I dish out the facts. Aries starts the year with Spring March 20th to April 20th. It has a cardinal modality. Aries also is the first fire sign of the zodiac, setting the temp for all the other fire signs ( Leo and Sagittarius).  Aries is the hard-headed ram, leading with their head with a fight first question later attitude. Aries is the masculine aspect of the planet Mars making Scorpio the Feminine aspect of Mars. This zodiac comes from the 1st house – the ascendant and the house the self, physical body, personality setting the path for life. BBbuutt, let’s talk about the Gods that give Aries their juice. Ares, the Greek God of War, known for his temper and bloodlust. He represents the violent and primal aspect of war (or the Aries temper). Ares, the god, is a purely destructive force and was not seen as favorably to the Greeks in light of his more rational sibling Artemis. Ares’ essence was in your face malevolence. Where ever there was something tied to him was to be endowed with savagery, danger, or the military. The Greek treated Ares with contempt.

On the other hand, the Romans gave us Mars. Mars is the God that gave the 4th planet in our solar system its name. The Roman God Mars is given more respect. He is what lead them to gain their empire through Military might. Mars here is more a leader and Protector. How does this relate to Aries? Well, the Ram is one tough cookie. In fact, they may be willing to square up with me for calling them a cookie (bring it). Though Aries, the ram, is headstrong as Ares was they are great leaders like Mars is. They tend to fight now and ask questions later if they still care about the matter… Anyway, Aries is independent, competitive, and impulsive. Unlike what it sounds like, these are great attributes that will get things going for them. Aries will push themselves without anyone else to help. They will meet any challenge head-on without a second thought and win.

The only downside to Aries that I can see is their temper. Their easily triggered temper. Their violent temper. Their 0 to 100 temper. Aries has no chill. At times it is like walking on eggshells around them because no matter what you will most likely piss them off. I believe them being hot-headed is the reason most of them are interested in martial arts, and collect weapons. on the other side of their temper, if you get to know them, they love to talk-endlessly. If an Aries like you they will talk to you about them and their lives and their interests. A conversation with them is a monologue you are allowed to listen to. You will find they have a lot to say and are pretty knowledgeable about what they are talking about even if it is tinged with how someone challenged and peeved them. Oddly enough Aries has a soft spot when it comes to their emotions and home. Being with the ram privately you will see they love to cuddle. They are caring and will cling on to you if they like you romantically, in the privacy in their homes of course.  They are emotionally sensitive.

Though, instead of crying they will get pissed off. Being with an Aries romantically is a treat. Aries are fun, playful, and enjoy to do things they find interesting with their partner. Aries will show you off like a prize. Proud and territorial of their mate. As there mate, do not try making them jealous. You will not like the outcome. They like having attractive partners and sex often. Like every second of the day often. As Aries matures they will learn how to hone in their sexual appetite though it will never dissipate. This zodiac can use their relentless energy to achieve much in life if they are able to stick to it, control their temper cultivating that martial discipline. They can end up being your boss’s boss. So to conclude Aries is the fiery leader of the zodiac. The one to never back down from a challenge winning no matter what.

The phrase for Aries is I am.


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