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7th House

The 7th house is an angular house, known as the descendant and the house of your partner. This house is home to the cardinal sign Libra ruled by Venus and is the masculine expression of that planet. The element closely attributed to this house is Air. This house is related to social interactions. Because the 7th house shares its axis with the 1st house communication is one on one. The seventh house shows your one or one relationships, business partners, contracts. Being 10th from the 10th house, the 7th house represents laws your career, and the legacy created with someone else as well as marriage.  Because, this is an air house ruled by Venus this house, through logic, is how you use your values, voice, and possessions to create a harmonious existence.

When there are planets in the seventh house, they take on Libra qualities. It is also like having that planet conjunct Venus. This is the masculine aspect of Venus so values, money, possessions are sought outwardly through others. If there are personal planets in this house it has a powerful influence on your personal life be it Sun your ego, Moon your emotion, Mercury how you communicate and your peers, Venus your values and interpersonal relationships, and Mars what you put your energy towards.

With the Sun in this spot the ego and what you want personally has to take a set. This is the house about creating harmony with someone else through compromise in order to get the objective goal of the partnership. So your conscious personality has to water down a bit, becoming passive or deceiving to obtain that harmony. Moon in this house has someone with there emotions dependent on their relationships with others, or instead of wearing your heart on your sleeves as in the 1st house, those you are around on a one on one base will seem emotional. Thus, relationships, business dealings etc. seem to ebb and flow like the tide. You have an intuitive understanding of relationships.

With Mercury here, you like jokes with your partner. They should be quick-witted with a sense of humor. You think about relationships, and enjoy more than one relationship at a time. Not always on the same levels meaning you have a romantic sexual relationship, and you are curious about having a no sexual romantic relationship or what have you. With Mercury here, you tend to analyze relationships, business dealings with others to better understand them. Your words and how you communicate will add to your ability to gain some sort of benefits from others. Not in the same way as the 8th house, the 7th house is a precursor to the 8th. Emotional involvement is not something that comes to mind this is the individual meeting others on the detached and logical level.

This is the house of Venus. You value harmony, socially accepted and refined beauty, relating to others or your environment in some way. You know how to be in a relationship and how to have it benefit you in the long run. Mars in this house is the go-getter when it comes to relationships. But Mars has to refine its raw energy to fit in Venusian houses. This is not the best placement for this planet but, Mars will make it work when it comes to things of this house. You will want to go after relationships and may have many partners who want to dominate relationships. You will have to stick up for yourself when it comes to others.



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2nd house

The 2nd house is the first succedent house. This house is about maintaining and rooting the energy from the first house in the material world. The natural sign, element, and modality for the second house are, to start Taurus which is a feminine sign ruled by Venus. The natural element of the second house is earth, and the modality associated with the 2nd house is fixed.

With this house being naturally Venus ruled think pleasure, think values, harmony, and beauty. Then, use that those words and apply them to what you can taste touch see and smell. This Venusian house rules over your money how you get and preserve things of value for you. It is good to know Venus doesn’t have emotions, Venus here and in her other house is purely black and white, practical, hedonistic, and unmoving.

As the first earth house is about maintaining, improving, and enriching your personal earthly reality. Planets here attribute to how you go about doing so I will give a brief run through of the personal planets in the second house. With the sun here your ego focus on material reality. Material stability, riches, sensuality, and you can be prone to hedonism the Sun in the second house acts a bit like a Taurus Sun. Also, someone with a Sun in the second house can be like someone with Sun conjunct Venus they could be beautiful or attracted to Venusian careers and lifestyles.

The Moon in the second house has an earth tint to it. The moon here is also like a Moon/Venus conjunction where there are constant ebbs and flows concerning 2nd house thing i.e., what your value, or getting money. Your inner world and emotions are connected to your material reality. You are also slow to change emotionally because of the earthiness of this house.

Mercury in the 2nd house shows someone who can more easily gain skills and acquire knowledge with money, things of value, gaining possessions, etc. Mercury in the second makes pretty good business people as far as getting and maintaining material stability and wealth. This is also kin to having Mercury conjunct Venus. You may have a nice singing voice or can earn income via writing, acting, using your voice and having a podcast or something of the like. Mercury in this house makes one curious when it comes to exploring all that this house has to offer.

Venus in the second house makes someone who is natural with access to quality possessions and maintaining personal values. The only thing to watch for going off the deep end with the sensual aspects of life.

Mars in the Second house something that could cause problems. Mars is an aggressive go-getter. When it comes to money, you should be an aggressive go-getter or keep ing it could be like a fight you are always trying to win. So take the initiative to learn about what you truly value, how money and material assets work. Though, sensually this is a magnetic pair. Mars in the Second is like having Mar/Venus conjunction.

The second house is essential to living. If you don’t have planets here doesn’t mean you can ignore your second house. Learn about the location of the second house lord by finding the sign in that house. What you value and having a sense of stability is how you can develop spiritually. Don’t listen to those who say the material plane is not needed. If it weren’t needed you would not be here. The material and spiritual are one and the same. Take care and love yourself. Know your value and worth. Be as stubborn as a bull and refuse to move against what you value.


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Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun right behind Uranus (tehehehe). Neptune has 5 rings with 14 moons. Because of the color, it is named after the Roman sea god Neptune. This gas giant takes 165 years to orbit the sun lasting in one sign for about 14 years depending if it is going direct, or if it is going through the various stages of retrograde.

Neptune rules the 12th house,  co-rules the sign Pisces with Jupiter even when Pisces is the sole expression of Neptune. With water as the element for this planet, with a  mutable modality. Even though the god Neptune is male the planet is feminine given that the sign, house, and element attributed to it are all feminine Neptune is about illusions, glamour, it is elusive and cunning. Keep that in mind when you are dealing with Pisces most of the time the victim card is a cunning ploy. Very few Neptunian/Pisces/12th house people are truly gullible. If they listen to their intuituion they realize any games someone else is trying to play with them. Often times the seasoned Neptunian is five steps ahead. Do not underestimate them.

Neptune is a planet that governs the contemporary in a sense it is a generational planet like the rest of the modern planets Uranus and Pluto included. It regulates over the collective subconscious, and it is a planet closely related to the other side of the vail and the dead. Yes, I know it is more recognized that Pluto rules the dead. Though from experience, personal and professional, Neptune dominate people or those with strong 12th house placement and Neptune aspects encounter more of the other side than not. The difference in encounters of death between the two planets is from perspective. Neptune accepts death and the dead as natural and every day whereas Plutonic death is a catalyst for transformation. With Pluto, it is felt more harshly than not forcing the softer side of someone to have a mini death within in order to continue on. An example of Neptune dealing with the dead someone with Neptune in the 4th house may grow up near or across from cemeteries and are more inclined to have a mother or family who can see the other side. Whereas a Plutonic 4th house person would have to go through power struggles, violence, and symbolic death to survive their ordeals. When death happens Plutonically it is soul crushing. Though, think of it as something to make you durable.

Neptune dominant people are imaginative, creative, most of the time they are a bit psychic. They are very artistic, also can easily pick up makeup and glamour better than any other planetary dominant. They need their time alone to recharge and space to. There may be a tendency to desire to get lost through spirituality or substance abuse.

The opposing planet for Neptune is Mercury. The Neptune Mercury dynamic is of vagueness and precision respectively. Though both planets are about understanding the ever-changing world around them Neptune does so by recognizing the subconscious and emotions that are by nature incomprehensible. While Mercury gains understanding in its environment deducing topics outside of emotions in practical ways. For the feminine expression of Mercury what makes sense before should make sense again. Neptune moto would be what is is or what will be will be. Then flip a situation to benefit the Neptunian.

If you want to work with this planet metaphysically or magically, I would advise studying the ocean, learning about ocean deities. Study the gods Poseidon, Neptune, and Yemaya, learn sailor lore. a good day for Neptune is Friday just as it is for Venus. Learn about all forms of art, music, art, theater, etc. Understand the subconscious and metaphysics. I hope you the best on your journey.

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Venus is the second planet in our solar system named after the Roman goddess of Love sensuality and beauty. Venus has an 8-year cycle creating a pentagram before it starts a new cycle. It is known as the morning and evening star. It takes 224.5 days to orbit the Sun staying in a sign about one to two months depending on the motion of this planet. Meaning if Venus is in the process of going into or out of retrograde, retrograde, or direct. Venus never travels far from the Sun in astrology it is one or two signs behind, in front of, or in the same sign as the Sun.

In astrology, Venus is about relationships, values, material, and sensuality. It rules Taurus and Libra Exalted in Pisces, Falls in Scorpio and Aries, and is debilitated in Virgo. Venus governs 2 signs Taurus the sign of stability and comfort and Libra the sign of relationships and harmony. Also, rules two houses the second house of personal value and material and the 7th house relationships and contracts. The elements attributed to Venus are earth-practical and air attributing logic to the planet Venus. Venus aspects and placements in a natal chart give a softer, feminine and attractive influence. For example, Venus-Pluto aspects don’t change the dominant and possessive nature of Pluto but Venus gives Pluto a softer feel. making Pluto seem less aggressive and domineering at first. As if the Venus is the bait because it is more attractive. Venus-Mars aspects make someone more passive and diplomatic in how they express Marian qualities like anger or sexual desires.

Venus behaves differently in a man’s chart than a woman’s chart. In a man’s chart, Venus is what the man desires in the opposite sex. In a woman’s chart, Venus is what the woman is or should embody to express her feminine self. If you want to express more of your feminity man or woman using astrology Look to Venus for the physical feminine expression.

Someone with strong Venus placements/aspects will have and strive to be very balanced in their expression, have an eye for art and beauty. They seem superficial. Their main objective it maintaining harmony in life and themselves.

Venus corresponds to Friday, the metal copper, and All goddesses that govern beauty, love, and money.


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Libra 1.0

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. They are the balanced scales that are an extension of the Virgo constellation. Libra a Cardinal and Air sign. They Start the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere and the time period is September 22 or 23 to October 22 or 23. Their ruling planet is Venus. They are the Masculine aspect of the planet. This sign is about initiating one on one contacts, for personal gain. Venus and Aphrodite are the Goddess of Libra. They govern love, sensuality, fortune, beauty, and relationships. Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of prostitutes because, with the Greeks, only the most beautiful women could be prostitutes. Aphrodite was born from the castrated scrotum of Uranus that was cast into the ocean making the white ocean foam she came out of. Libras take on the beauty, relationship, and fortune aspect of Venus.

They are flirty and usually try to keep a harmonious, beautiful existence, though they start as much mess as the peace they claim to hold. Many see Libra as superficial and unable to make up their mind on anything. Though that is not always the case. They keep their personal intentions and live to themselves giving everyone else a flowery version of who they are. Many Libras have to ability to gain financial success from others given that the second house of material gains for Libra is Scorpio. There is more to say with someone’s second house being Scorpio, but I’ll leave that for Libra 2.0. Emotionally, this sign stays on the practical side of things being Capricorn is found here. There has been a limit placed on them with their ability to express how they feel. There was a need to mature at a young age. Though, the emotional and home life over this balanced sign will get better with age.

In relationships, they are often dealing with a strong-willed partner. Usually, someone with strong Marian qualities, be it Scorpio or Aries. At first glance, the other person directs how the relationship goes. Libras would seem to go along with this and do what they want to do anyway. Or, use their diplomatic skill to indirectly manipulate how the relationship goes. As for a career, Libras will do well with things that Venus governs like beauty, relationships, one on one interactions, and luxury. Libra is the sign tenth from the tenth house of Capricorn they will do well in Saturnian rules, e.g., lawyers, judges, in the federal government, tax accountants, architectures, etc.. Lastly they could find careers in women industries like fashion, makeup, beauty,  midwives. Libras can find themselves in the food industry as well.

The phrase for Libras is I balance.

astrology, Zodiac 1.0

Taurus 1.0

Okie Dokie. Now for Taurus. Taurus is the bull. A bull with a woman dancing on its back as a show of strength and grace. The time period for Taurus is April 20th to May 21st. They are the first earth sign, and the first fixed sign. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. When you look at the characteristics of Taurus you are looking at the feminine principle of Venus. Venus has masculine and feminine qualities like all the planets. Its male aspect is Libra. To understand this sign more you have to look at the house it comes from and the goddess that gives it it’s qualities. Taurus is from the second house of possessions and material values we own. This house governs how we attract those things. The Goddesses to look at for Taurus is, traditionally, Aphrodite and Venus. There is not enough raw material on her as there was for the god Ares. I think it is because we know that Venus is materialistic, sexual and attractive. Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, fortune, sexuality, and beauty. She is the beautiful feminine know for her mischief (this is better for Libra) and desires. Taurus take the practical and materialistic aspect of Venus. They personify her indulgence of physical/earthly pleasures. They enjoy everything that says luxury and comfort. The best word for Taurus is hedonist. The lazy hedonist if you want to be more exact.

Then, there is the earth aspect of Taurus. The Earth element takes on three aspects through the zodiac. Earth presents its self through Taurus as steadfast, consistent, and practical.  Though Taurus is reliable they tend to enjoy leisure more than normal. As the first fixed sign of the zodiac Taurus sets the lazy and stubborn tone for all the other fixed signs. It is also hard to get a Taurus to move on a decision  they have set there mind to just like it is hard to get this sign to move any faster than their current pace-they just will not do it. in fact they move slower if that is possible. The bull is normally emotionally self-centered. Yet, they are creative people able to see intrinsic beauty in the things around the- notice I said things not people.  Though there can be a touch of fire when it comes to how they feel, you will never see it on the surface. Though because emotions aren’t practical (aannnnddd you can’t make them be) they can’t keep their emotions under wrap forever. This is usually when Taurus explodes violently. I’m mean violently. From what I’ve seen it is worst than Aries. This is mainly because the temper is under pressure. For a gloss over on relationships this sign is about ownership when it comes to there partner- you are their property . They are sensual lovers and tend, if they don’t have a crap ton of Aries or Gemini placements, to take their time with pleasure. They enjoy stability in relationships so don’t play around on them or try to make them jealous. If you do try, you will get no where with this sign. Career-wise, it will benefit Taurus greatly if they network with people, all type of people in the career world.  Taurus can land the job the always hoped and dreamed for if they put their mind to it. Oddly enough Taurus would be useful in the sciences given their 10th house is Aquarius. Something to think about.  Any Whoville… Oh, something to add the phrase for Taurus is I have.

So, I’m ending this here…