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4th House

Astrology is amazing. It is a way to understand who we are, where we come from and where we are most likely to go. When it comes to the 4th house, this house is about the home, your family, storage areas, real estate, emotions comfort as well as fulfillment, your mother, and your roots. This house is under the horizon along with the 2nd house to the 12th house. Houses about the horizon are 8-12.

This house correlates with the sign Cancer, the Moon is the ruler of the fourth house, with water as the element related to it. The 4th house is an angular house with a lot of energy in the form of the cardinal sign Cancer. This angular house makes the backbone of your chart and is where you can find the IC or imum coeli latin for the bottom of the sky referring back to below the horizon. Planets here shows how you related to those around you what attributes to your emotional stability, comforts and the quality of your family. Signs here gives a layout of how you are internally, in an emotional sense.

Going through the personal planets in this house meaning the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. You will see these playing out almost as if you have a Cancer Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Sun in the 4th house is like have a Sun/Moon conjunction. You are in touch with your emotions and identify with your roots and family. Though, you will have to make a conscious effort to put out the positive aspects of the moon because any planet close to the Sun combust. Sun in the 4th is not Sun conjunct Moon, but you will see a lot of similarities. Moon in the 4th leads you to be true to your self emotionally, you can understand the emotions of others well and are more receptive than most concerning feelings making you a bit psychic. This is a suitable placement for the Moon overall. Mercury in the 4th house tells you are comfortable or are learning about emotional communicating. Speaking with women, your mother, being about to comfort others with what you say or right is a skill you have or can acquire. You will have a knack for having skill in relation to the 4th house meaning you can be a chief, a fisherman, scuba diver, security, dealing with securities, or history. This placement is like Mercury/Moon conjunction though not to the same extreme. Venus in the 4th house shows someone with a mother or family who are beautiful, money savvy or have really strong values. Mars here is another thing entirely. This creates a lot of energy competitions and arguments in the home life or with the mother and family. Though, it can lead to someone who has learned emotional strength. Also, someone who is comfortable as the leader. This leads someone to go after things relating to the 4th house like real property, learning about your history, etc.

The 4th house and the 10th are on the same axis. Where the 4th house is the root, the 10th is the top of the tree. The fourth house is the bottom of the chart, the 10th house is the top of the natal chart, the highest you may go. They are two sides of the same coin. Though it tells you that emotions, reactions, and family/personal matters should stay at home. Where the 10th house is how you should behave with those in the outside world, and your career.

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Cancer 1.0

Here we go. Now for Cancer the crab. This zodiac is cardinal and the first water sign of the zodiac. Cancer starts the Summer Solstice making the dates for Cancer season June 21 to July 22. Cancer is ruled by the moon there is only one aspect of the moon and that is Feminine but you must know that there must be a masculine. There must be a yang to the yin. So the masculine for Cancer is Leo. it is like say the masculine to the moon is the sun. You see how that worked. I would explain why this is so with retrograde planets. The moon comes from the 4th house in astrology this is also referred to as the Imum Coeli or the bottom of the sky. The 4th house is the house of comfort, habits, family lineage, the mother, real estate, and the person’s emotional core. The diety governing the moon is the Greek Selene and the Roman Luna. Now know that the moon waxes and wanes there Selene and Luna are apart of a triad. For the Greeks, the triad was Artemis a lunar goddess of the hunt, Selene the goddess of the full moon, and Hecate the goddess of witchcraft. For the Romans, those goddesses are Diana, Luna, Hekate sometimes Trivia. Selene is about emotions, love, intuition, dreams, magic, divination, and psychic visions.  When it comes to the Cancer zodiac sign you have someone keenly aware of their emotions as well as the emotions of others.  Because this sign has the moon governing it they are extremely intuitive and receptive.  Though, because they are the crab they are given a way to protect the soft emotion side with the tough outer shell and their claws this makes them able to be offensive or defensive yet clingy because of the emotional needs. They are big on there family and the home. If you have a well-adjusted crab you will see the motherly nurturing side, but trust me this is not the only side of this zodiac.  The will you usually have caring friends in their life, who at the same time may be critical of everything they do. The Cancer themselves are calculating with what the say and how they communicate with those around them. The biggest part of cancer is, as I’ve said, their emotions. With this watery placement, the feelings are ruled by Libra. You will have Cancer justifying their actions based on how they feel. They will manipulate, or change, the emotions of others to match what they want and their view of the world. Moving to the relationships of a Cancer they are the ones wanting a mature partner that will bring real stability to their lives. Because the seventh house is ruled by Capricorn, there could be some work romance happening within the Cancer’s life. The crab tends to date for the long-term and will hold on to the partner with its claws. Now, never think they are soft push-overs they project a tough as nails demeanor. Aries is nothing to f*ck with. Cancer can be the leader of any pack. They usually will dominate in male-dominated careers. They may or may not like competition but man they will win at any cost. This sign can be great fitness instructors, entrepreneurs, chefs, executives, social workers, et cetera.

This is all I gots on the Cancer sign for now. I will be doing zodiac 2.0 after all the quarter of this blog is finished. So, tootles for now.

Oh, and the phrase for Cancer is I feel.


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