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Gemini 1.0

Moving on to Gemini, aka the twins. Gemini marks the end months of spring. Gemini season ( like all mutable seasons) is a time of transition. Anyways Gemini season starts from May 20th- June 21st. This is the first Air sign of the zodiac. They are the first true chatterbox of astrology. Their words are a bit grand, dramatic, and …creative in nature.  They will talk to you if they like you or not. Back to the mutableness of the Twins. Mutable is about adopting an accepting change. The mutable signs seem elusive and fickle. Gemini is an embodiment of quicksilver. Okay so in astrology Gemini comes from the 3rd house.

This house is about logic, commerce, quick trips, siblings and peers, the neighbors, and cunning. The planet that rules Gemini is Mercury. Gemini is the masculine aspect of Mercury with Virgo being the feminine aspect. The twins, they are some sly devils. And yes I mean they, if you ever met a Gemini you are meeting more than one person. They are dynamic people. To get a better grasp on them to look at the god that gives them such a nature- Mercury for the Romans and Hermes for the Greeks. Hermes was the quick messenger god moving between the boundaries of the divine and human, also the living and dead. He was a god the could go and come through the underworld. He was the god of Thieves, trade, male virility, sleep, speech, animal husbandry, athletes (surprise!), sports. Hermes is a god of luck- even though we pair this with Sagittarius, you must realize Gemini and Sag is on the same plane. Anyways, Hermes likes people, they interest him. There is another name for Hermes- Hermes Trismegistus or Hermes thrice great. He is mostly known for the emerald tables and Alchemy he is known to have a double snaked winged staff, a brimmed hat, and winged shoes. Mercury this the same as Hermes. So, back to Gemini. They are duality personified.

If you know one, you will notice how they can switch perspective in the drop of a hat. They are gregarious, they love to be around people. Gemini minds go 100 miles a minute! What they love is the accumulation knowledge. Gemini is a wordsmith most rappers have strong Gemini placements…usually mars in Gemini- I wouldn’t want to get in an argument with one. When it comes to their emotions, they tend to be more simmered down. Practical, yet very particular in who and what they want to invest their emotional life in. They can compartmentalize well and like cleans homes even though they may not want to clean it themselves. In relationships Gemini needs space and freedom- you can’t hold this person down. They just don’t want to be held down, they want to be as social as possible. People tend to look up to Geminis. To the public, they can be elusive as a Pisces. The twins are great in the film industry, and photography is like second nature to these people. Other careers to think about is communications, newscaster, writer, start an e-commerce business or a mathematician. They have a wide variety of skills.

On a side note, don’t take the Gemini’s airy personality as foolhardy. They will play mind games with you. This sign this the eighth house of Scorpio. On the surface, they seem light, but they can reach unimagined depths. Plus ( I don’t know why others haven’t picked up on this) they have a pretty high sex drive. Just something to leave you with. The phrase best known for Gemini is I think.


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