3rd House in astrology, Houses!

3rd house

The 3rd house in astrology is a cadent house meaning it is about change and adaptation. Cadent housed helps us evolve. The 3rd house is about how we adapt to social changes, given this is an air house, in our immediate environment. The native location for Gemini, the element of this house is air, the ruler of this house is Mercury. This house is where you can find information on childhood, neighbors, peers, and siblings, how you communicated with others in every form of communication, and how you think. The third house shapes the conscious mind and quick reasoning. Planets here take on many 3rd house qualities if there are enough planets here the person could seem like a full-blown Gemini.

If you are looking at someone’s natal chart are judging the conditions of transits in relation to a natal chart each planet especially the personal planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will have the same feel as a Mercury conjunction. For the Sun that means someone who loves to communicate and make their point known. They can argue up a storm if it comes down to it. For the Moon, its placement here would create a need to talk or communicate in all forms to sort out the things going on within. Friends and peers can come and go like the tide. The inner day to day mind and emotions are riddled with mercurian nervous energy. With Mercury here, you will have one cunning and smart individual on your hands. They are smart because of an insatiable curiosity. Having their hands in more than one cookie jar is how they keep some semblance of inner peace. It takes time for the Mercury in the third to develop the staying power to handle multiple things at once. Venus here makes a flirt, they will flirt with their friends, neighbors, the postman, you name it. They value communication in all forms. It is like an art for them. In fact, if this person is creative or artistic, they will use creativity to communicate what they value. Their words are subtle used they will use sweet words to get what they want. Mars here makes a spitfire. I do not wish to battle with someone who has this Mars placement. Just with how they communicate form body language to words or text they make it known they can tear you a new one.

The third house sign in someone natal chart tells you the basic of how someone communicates, and people they deal with on a daily bases.  To look more in-depth you will have to find the lord of the third house, meaning you would have to find the planet that rules the sign of that person’s third house.

astrology, Houses!

Houses in Astrology

There are 12 houses in astrology. The 12 houses correlate to the 12 signs. The 1st house is home for Ares, the 2nd house is home to Taurus, the 3rd house is home to Gemini so on and so forth. Astrological houses hold an is the environment the zodiac signs evolve in. As for planets, the houses are ruled or governed by planets, corresponding to the masculine and feminine aspect of planets. An easy way to tell if a house is masculine or feminine is if it is an even or odd house. Even numbers are seen as feminine, odd numbers are masculine. Another way is by the natural element associated with that house, fire and air are masculine, earth and water are feminine.

There are three types of houses angular houses relating to cardinal signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Succedent houses relating to fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Then, cadent houses relating to mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Angular houses create the structure of the natal chart and start the flow of energy through the signs. Succedent houses preserve the energy created from the Agular houses and Cardinal signs. The need for preservation in the houses is one reason why fixed signs are stubborn and hard to change. Cadent houses keep the energy flowing ensuring nothing is stagnant. The requirement for energy to move and progress is why mutable signs need space freedom and the ability to move and transmute in accordance with there element.

The primary run through of the houses are as follows

House          Zodiac    Planet    Element   House type    Modality   Gender

1st house    Aries      Mars       Fire            Angular          Cardinal   Masculine

2nd House  Taurus   Venus    Earth        Succedent         Fixed        Feminine

3rd House  Gemini   Mercury  Air          Cadent              Mutable    Masculine

4th House  Cancer    Moon        Water      Angular           Cardinal   Feminine

5th House   Leo         Sun          Fire           Succedent        Fixed        Masculine

6th House  Virgo      Mercury   Earth       Cadent             Mutable   Feminine

7th House  Libra      Venus        Air            Angular          Cardinal    Masculine

8th House Scorpio    Mars/Pluto   Water   Succedent      Fixed        Feminine

9th House Sagittarius   Jupiter    Fire       Cadent            Mutable    Masculine

10th House Capricorn  Saturn   Earth    Angular          Cardinal    Feminine

11th House Aquarius  Saturn/Uranus   Air   Succedent    Fixed       Masculine

12th House Pisces  Jupiter/Neptune   Water   Cadent      Mutable   Feminine

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Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun right behind Uranus (tehehehe). Neptune has 5 rings with 14 moons. Because of the color, it is named after the Roman sea god Neptune. This gas giant takes 165 years to orbit the sun lasting in one sign for about 14 years depending if it is going direct, or if it is going through the various stages of retrograde.

Neptune rules the 12th house,  co-rules the sign Pisces with Jupiter even when Pisces is the sole expression of Neptune. With water as the element for this planet, with a  mutable modality. Even though the god Neptune is male the planet is feminine given that the sign, house, and element attributed to it are all feminine Neptune is about illusions, glamour, it is elusive and cunning. Keep that in mind when you are dealing with Pisces most of the time the victim card is a cunning ploy. Very few Neptunian/Pisces/12th house people are truly gullible. If they listen to their intuituion they realize any games someone else is trying to play with them. Often times the seasoned Neptunian is five steps ahead. Do not underestimate them.

Neptune is a planet that governs the contemporary in a sense it is a generational planet like the rest of the modern planets Uranus and Pluto included. It regulates over the collective subconscious, and it is a planet closely related to the other side of the vail and the dead. Yes, I know it is more recognized that Pluto rules the dead. Though from experience, personal and professional, Neptune dominate people or those with strong 12th house placement and Neptune aspects encounter more of the other side than not. The difference in encounters of death between the two planets is from perspective. Neptune accepts death and the dead as natural and every day whereas Plutonic death is a catalyst for transformation. With Pluto, it is felt more harshly than not forcing the softer side of someone to have a mini death within in order to continue on. An example of Neptune dealing with the dead someone with Neptune in the 4th house may grow up near or across from cemeteries and are more inclined to have a mother or family who can see the other side. Whereas a Plutonic 4th house person would have to go through power struggles, violence, and symbolic death to survive their ordeals. When death happens Plutonically it is soul crushing. Though, think of it as something to make you durable.

Neptune dominant people are imaginative, creative, most of the time they are a bit psychic. They are very artistic, also can easily pick up makeup and glamour better than any other planetary dominant. They need their time alone to recharge and space to. There may be a tendency to desire to get lost through spirituality or substance abuse.

The opposing planet for Neptune is Mercury. The Neptune Mercury dynamic is of vagueness and precision respectively. Though both planets are about understanding the ever-changing world around them Neptune does so by recognizing the subconscious and emotions that are by nature incomprehensible. While Mercury gains understanding in its environment deducing topics outside of emotions in practical ways. For the feminine expression of Mercury what makes sense before should make sense again. Neptune moto would be what is is or what will be will be. Then flip a situation to benefit the Neptunian.

If you want to work with this planet metaphysically or magically, I would advise studying the ocean, learning about ocean deities. Study the gods Poseidon, Neptune, and Yemaya, learn sailor lore. a good day for Neptune is Friday just as it is for Venus. Learn about all forms of art, music, art, theater, etc. Understand the subconscious and metaphysics. I hope you the best on your journey.

astrology, Planets!!!


Mercury is the closest planet to the sun in our solar system, with an extremely thin atmosphere not doing much to protect it from the Sun’s rays and flare. Its named after Romes God Mercury the trickster god of thieves, moving through the veil, and male virility who enjoys the company of man more than that of the gods. This small planet orbits the sun in about 88 days, 87.97 to be more accurate, staying in one sign from two weeks to one month depending on the motion of this planet. Meaning if Mercury is in the process of going into or out of retrograde, retrograde, or direct.

In astrology, this planet governs communication, thinking, peers, and cunning. It rules Gemini and Virgo, Exalted in Virgo, Falls in Pisces, and is debilitated in Sagittarius. Mercury is about obtaining knowledge through curiosity, again, governing two signs Gemini, gaining information and Virgo- breaking down that information. It rules over the third house of short travel, peers, communication, and sixth house of open enemies, health, and routine. The two elements attributed to Mercury air and earth showing in astrology this planet is about logic and practicality. Mercury’s mode is mutable meaning the characteristics of Mercury are fickle, cunning, detached, and always adjusting to change. When Mercury aspects a planet it adds Gemini or Virgo qualities to that plant. For example, Venus/Mercury aspects can give eloquence with speech, value logic and reason, learning skills, love of talking and being social with peers, dating multiple people at once or serial dating, and lends to noticing details and/or being critical of those in your personal relationship. Mercury/Moon aspects give a busy mind, nervous thoughts/emotions, need for talk and communication for comfort, wanting to move around, or traveling short distances for emotional stability.

Mercury dominant people, for the most part, are curious, leans towards intellectualism, tend to be lean and wiry, with long limbs or fingers. Mercury gives a need for people to build and gain skills, most of the time it is hard for Mercury dom people to stick to one thing.

Alchemically The symbolic meaning of Mercury is shown in the three elements of dark matter as Spirit. The glyph is composed of the crescent, circle the ego, and cross showing the connection of the mind and self on the physical and spiritual. Think of this a moving through the vail and bring your thoughts from the mental or spiritual to the mundane/physical. The metal for Mercury is quicksilver, the day is Wednesday, the finger it rules is the pinky finger. As for the Body, mercury rules the arms and hands.



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Pisces 1.0

Now we can cross the veil to learn about Pisces. Pisces is a mutable water sign represented by to fish connected and swimming in opposite directions. The time period for Pisces is February 18th to March 20th. They are the feminine expression of Jupiter and the sole expression of Neptune. In mythology, Neptune is the god of the sea…well fresh water and governed over horses. (okay, my two cents in this I feel he was an earth or forest god, but whatever…I’ma keep on this path) He was one of the gods eaten by his father, Saturn. But, was later saved by Jupiter and they all fought the Titans at took over the world As Gods yea!

Neptune rules earthquakes, is extremely emotionally unstable, rule over oracles. His day is July 23, the festival of Neptune. So that is info on the god. Neptune the Astro planet governs glamor, imagination, psychics, moving between worlds, addictions, drugs, and alcohol. What about the sign… Pisces comes from the 12th house in astrology representing the collective unconscious, imagination, sickness, or addictions, captivity, being alone, spirituality, all those cool things.

Pisces have a vast imagination where they can create and dream within their own world. Though, to most on the outside of that world, it would look like they aren’t doing much in the mundane like the opposite sign Virgo who needs to be constantly doing things and constantly working to stay somewhat sane. Most people see Pisces as a weak or fragile sign but that would be a mistake to do so. They have strong intuitions and are extremely cunning. It would not be wise to try to pull a fast one on them- It will come back to haunt you.  Remember this sign understand the unconscious motives of those around them they can catch on to sketchy people if they trust their intuition. The ability for them to feel or take on the emotions and unconscious of others is the reason why people may see this sign as moody.

The best way for Pisces to handle this is to have time alone to process and understand their own emotions. Writing out how they feel or talking to someone one on one will help a lot. Also going on nature walks or learning about something to take their mind off of how they feel or what they are interpreting from others will help. Not, trying to drown it out with booze or other things- it would make everything worse. In their relationships, they would like a partner they can depend on. Pisces desires someone to ground them and help keep the day to day in order working properly. Though, those partners most of the time are hypercritical, nerves, and would try to perfect the Pisces energy even those Pisces is just fine the way they are. Pisces have the capability to be gurus and spiritual leaders, they will find luck and fortune when they work at making an image, a career or a good life for themselves. Careers to think about for Pisces would be an anesthesiologist, plastic surgeon, pharmacologist, own a bar, fashion, astrology or a spiritual practice, or an artist. To be honest, a Pisces can do pretty much anything and strike gold with it.


The phrase for Pisces is I believe.

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Sagittarius 1.0

….Sagittarius is the archer of the zodiac someone that is trying to hit the mark. They are centaurs meaning Sagittarius is half human half horse. Sagittarius is a Mutable fire sign meaning they are fire with no boundaries. Sagittarius starts November 21 to December 21 closing out fall a better way to say it is they are the change of fall into winter. Sagittarius comes from the ninth house or land traveling, broad understanding like philosophy or/and higher education, religion, to name a few. Jupiter governs this sign and is the masculine expression of the planet. Jupiter is the Roman king of gods while Zeus is the Greek god. He usurped his father Saturn just like Saturn did to his father. He, Jupiter, was lucky enough to have been hidden away by his mother until he came of age to fight his father, free his siblings to set himself high in the world of gods, giving the lesser realms to his brothers Neptune and Pluto. Jupiter was the god of the sky and thunder he was a god of enlightenment and truth. Though, he got around like every other god in the system by shapeshifting into whatever he needed to get what he wants. As a planet, Jupiter governs luck, fortune, plenty of anything, knowledge, and expansion all greatly attributing to Sagittarius.  Then there are the centaurs known to be rude, unruly beings that stayed in the wild. They partied like rock stars before rock stars became popular. Centaurs were barbaric.

Just as Jupiter doesn’t give much thought to rules Sagittarius has the same carefree attitude towards being restrained. They make their own rules and wherever their passion takes them they go. But they are still on the same axis as mercury; they are intelligent even though they are passionate and ruthless. Honestly, these are the most dangerous people to get into a disagreement. For someone to be able to fight on the same level as a Sagittarius you must let go of all restraints- usually, other fire signs can reach that level of no control it is just Sagittarius is there most of the time. Anyways let’s get into the details of a Sagittarius. They are to be extraordinarily fortunate or lucky. The Fortune and luck is most likely a product of them being optimistic. But these marksmen would usually do great with structure in the lives. The structure will not happen until they grow up a bit.

With Neptune ruling the fourth house of emotions, they make not know where they stand emotionally. Though they can be a bit sensitive, they will not show it unless you count the Sagittarius’ temper. The best thing usually from them is to have some private spiritual practice, where they can be alone with their emotions to sort them out. Though often, they will tend to try to drink their troubles away. They could have a family that is very religious, or very dependent on alcohol or drugs. They enjoy traveling and cultures, experiencing different aspects of life. If you are in a relationship with them, you must let them free and be able to live without them as much as they can live without you. Think of them as the sign that just came from the bondage of hades (Scorpio) and now wants nothing to do with anything that can hold them back. Now, don’t let it hurt your feeling that they can live without you- they don’t care. You must learn to have some autonomy of you learn to be on your own. Learn to have some self-reliance. In love, they may want more than one partner.

On the other hand or in addition to, they would like someone is, themselves, free, intelligent, cultured, social etc. People see Sagittarius as highly opinionated, possible health nuts, who gets bored easily, having multiple things going. With careers, they can be a bit anal. Oddly enough centaurs stick to routines in this area of life. They do their jobs or follow their career path to perfection. Sagg would be good in active and mutable careers like construction- mainly because your location is always changing and you can work with your hands learning practical skills; freelance, philosopher, professor, anything that require details.


Yip… The phrase for this sign is I aspire.

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Virgo 1.0

Virgo is the sign of the maiden or the virgin. This is a mutable earth sign representing the change from summer to fall. Virgo comes from the 6th house of debt, open enemies, health, work, service, and small animals. Mercury rules Virgo making Virgo the feminine side of Mercury. I already went over Mercury, the god but I’ll do it again. So mercury is the god of borders, traveling, thieves, communication, the intellect. He moves between the god and humans, the living and the dead. As a constellation, Virgo is the virgin goddess Astraea who was the goddess of innocence and purity who will come back to the earth during the golden age of man.

Anywaysssss… Virgo is like Gemini in many regards though, the endless energy of Gemini is turned inward and focused with Virgo giving them a racing mind and loads of nervous, high strung, energy. Where Gemini can’t stop talking, Virgo can’t stop thinking. Virgos, being earth signs, points that inter focus on their body and their environment. They come from the 6th house, the first problem house of astrology, there is a lot of chaos going on about this house. Because of the house, Virgos will typically work on perfecting what is around them. The sign of the virgin can pick up on the smallest details and analysis everything they come into contact with. They tend to be practical, not up for anything that will cause too many problems and create another worry they would have to deal with. Emotionally, they want freedom. They enjoy traveling, as long as they can get back to work on time and it is not too much pressure on their checkbooks. They like drinking and letting loose…as long as they can eat enough fruits, and hydrate to balance out the harmful effects, it does to the body. They most like would like to eat a few more bananas to replace the potassium in their brain after “partying” a little too much. They would do drugs..if it is natural and not too addictive most likely, if they ever do them, they would lean to peyote, mushrooms, or marijuana. You get my drift. The best home for a Virgo is clean, minimal with a lot of space with an excellent library of science, D.I.Ys, philosophy, and anything else that would pique their interest. I’ma have to back up and go to the third house of Virgo. They have a reputation to be very critical. Well, their words can be downright cutting and hurtful. This is because Scorpio rules the third house of communication. They analysis their peers finding the shortcomings in those around them and then say something at the right moment that will hurt them most. Though, they say it matter of factly. Sometimes the realize the impact other times just because it is something they observed. Okay, moving on.

In relationships, they want someone they can relax with. Someone who will take the worries away- a very idealized partner. Then reality hits and the person they are with can’t even balance a checkbook. Causing the Virgo’s blood to boil-internally. This is a problem they have to fix. They will do all they can to fix their partner to get up to their level. It is best to not try and fix them, and move on with your life. May think Virgos have high standards, but most people don’t really work at life. I say to the Virgo, you have reasonable standards. Keep shooting for the stars. The best careers of a Virgo is one they can put there analytic side to use. This can be a tailor, fashion designer, accountant, mathematician, editor, writer, fitness instructor, doctors, nurse, or anything in health and computing. Something to add for Virgos, going to the adult side of things, their eighth house is Aries, they may be seen as prudes, but no. They are a tab bit intense when it comes to sex most likely will try anything once. Twice if it is kink filled.

The last thing I want to say is the phrase fro Virgo is I analyze.