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Houses in Astrology

There are 12 houses in astrology. The 12 houses correlate to the 12 signs. The 1st house is home for Ares, the 2nd house is home to Taurus, the 3rd house is home to Gemini so on and so forth. Astrological houses hold an is the environment the zodiac signs evolve in. As for planets, the houses are ruled or governed by planets, corresponding to the masculine and feminine aspect of planets. An easy way to tell if a house is masculine or feminine is if it is an even or odd house. Even numbers are seen as feminine, odd numbers are masculine. Another way is by the natural element associated with that house, fire and air are masculine, earth and water are feminine.

There are three types of houses angular houses relating to cardinal signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Succedent houses relating to fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Then, cadent houses relating to mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Angular houses create the structure of the natal chart and start the flow of energy through the signs. Succedent houses preserve the energy created from the Agular houses and Cardinal signs. The need for preservation in the houses is one reason why fixed signs are stubborn and hard to change. Cadent houses keep the energy flowing ensuring nothing is stagnant. The requirement for energy to move and progress is why mutable signs need space freedom and the ability to move and transmute in accordance with there element.

The primary run through of the houses are as follows

House          Zodiac    Planet    Element   House type    Modality   Gender

1st house    Aries      Mars       Fire            Angular          Cardinal   Masculine

2nd House  Taurus   Venus    Earth        Succedent         Fixed        Feminine

3rd House  Gemini   Mercury  Air          Cadent              Mutable    Masculine

4th House  Cancer    Moon        Water      Angular           Cardinal   Feminine

5th House   Leo         Sun          Fire           Succedent        Fixed        Masculine

6th House  Virgo      Mercury   Earth       Cadent             Mutable   Feminine

7th House  Libra      Venus        Air            Angular          Cardinal    Masculine

8th House Scorpio    Mars/Pluto   Water   Succedent      Fixed        Feminine

9th House Sagittarius   Jupiter    Fire       Cadent            Mutable    Masculine

10th House Capricorn  Saturn   Earth    Angular          Cardinal    Feminine

11th House Aquarius  Saturn/Uranus   Air   Succedent    Fixed       Masculine

12th House Pisces  Jupiter/Neptune   Water   Cadent      Mutable   Feminine

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Jupiter is a gas giant behind the asteroid belt. It is the fifth planet from the sun taking one year to orbit around our central star with 79 moons we know of!  This planet is the largest in the known solar system. Jupiter is in a sign for about one year depending on the motion of this planet. Meaning if Jupiter is in the process of going into or out of retrograde, is retrograde, or direct. In turn, taking 12 years to complete the zodiac wheel.

Jupiter is about abundance, good or bad. This planet amplifies its placement. Because of the abundant energy, many see Jupiter as a planet of Fortune. Jupiter rules two signs Sagittarius, the masculine expression, and Pisces the feminine element of Jupiter. The houses natal to the Gas Giant are the 9th and the 12th houses. Both are two sides of the same coin when you look into the details of them. The only expression of Jupiter is mutable just as it is for Mercury. The Elements attributed to Jupiter are Fire and Water giving this planet a sense of spirituality.

Jupiter is a planet of optimism and opportunity. It can abundantly give to the max may time you can relate the abundant nature to audacity when it comes to getting what it wants. There is a need for this planet to say in motion, being mutable, not waiting for fortune but creating beneficence. There are other significances of Jupiter in astrology. This planet is known as the husband because it is a benefactor. In a woman’s it is the Husband, and in a Man’s chart, it is how he is as a husband or a long-term relationship. To understand this in a personal chart look at the aspects, sign placement, and house Jupiter holds. To know what is going on with the husband look at the transits aspecting the natal Jupiter.

The opposite Planet to Jupiter is Mercury. Both are about gaining understanding and knowledge. Though, they do it in opposing ways. Jupiter looks for more metaphysical, spiritual and emotional, form of comprehension in constant search for true be it positive or not using what it knows to get what it wants. While Mercury does the same through, logical and practical ways. Mercury tries to bend the truth according to its will using cunning. Jupiter is of mutable energy from higher dimensions. Mercury taps into both upper and lower realms applying high knowledge to everyday life.

Jupiter is the King of Gods. Within pagan religions, the God who is at the top or high point tends to be very Jupitanian A few Gods to name would be Thor, Jupiter, Zeus, and Changó. Because of Jupiter’s place among the traditional planets, Thursday is its day. The metal for Jupiter is tin, and the finger of Jupiter is the index finger.


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Sagittarius 1.0

….Sagittarius is the archer of the zodiac someone that is trying to hit the mark. They are centaurs meaning Sagittarius is half human half horse. Sagittarius is a Mutable fire sign meaning they are fire with no boundaries. Sagittarius starts November 21 to December 21 closing out fall a better way to say it is they are the change of fall into winter. Sagittarius comes from the ninth house or land traveling, broad understanding like philosophy or/and higher education, religion, to name a few. Jupiter governs this sign and is the masculine expression of the planet. Jupiter is the Roman king of gods while Zeus is the Greek god. He usurped his father Saturn just like Saturn did to his father. He, Jupiter, was lucky enough to have been hidden away by his mother until he came of age to fight his father, free his siblings to set himself high in the world of gods, giving the lesser realms to his brothers Neptune and Pluto. Jupiter was the god of the sky and thunder he was a god of enlightenment and truth. Though, he got around like every other god in the system by shapeshifting into whatever he needed to get what he wants. As a planet, Jupiter governs luck, fortune, plenty of anything, knowledge, and expansion all greatly attributing to Sagittarius.  Then there are the centaurs known to be rude, unruly beings that stayed in the wild. They partied like rock stars before rock stars became popular. Centaurs were barbaric.

Just as Jupiter doesn’t give much thought to rules Sagittarius has the same carefree attitude towards being restrained. They make their own rules and wherever their passion takes them they go. But they are still on the same axis as mercury; they are intelligent even though they are passionate and ruthless. Honestly, these are the most dangerous people to get into a disagreement. For someone to be able to fight on the same level as a Sagittarius you must let go of all restraints- usually, other fire signs can reach that level of no control it is just Sagittarius is there most of the time. Anyways let’s get into the details of a Sagittarius. They are to be extraordinarily fortunate or lucky. The Fortune and luck is most likely a product of them being optimistic. But these marksmen would usually do great with structure in the lives. The structure will not happen until they grow up a bit.

With Neptune ruling the fourth house of emotions, they make not know where they stand emotionally. Though they can be a bit sensitive, they will not show it unless you count the Sagittarius’ temper. The best thing usually from them is to have some private spiritual practice, where they can be alone with their emotions to sort them out. Though often, they will tend to try to drink their troubles away. They could have a family that is very religious, or very dependent on alcohol or drugs. They enjoy traveling and cultures, experiencing different aspects of life. If you are in a relationship with them, you must let them free and be able to live without them as much as they can live without you. Think of them as the sign that just came from the bondage of hades (Scorpio) and now wants nothing to do with anything that can hold them back. Now, don’t let it hurt your feeling that they can live without you- they don’t care. You must learn to have some autonomy of you learn to be on your own. Learn to have some self-reliance. In love, they may want more than one partner.

On the other hand or in addition to, they would like someone is, themselves, free, intelligent, cultured, social etc. People see Sagittarius as highly opinionated, possible health nuts, who gets bored easily, having multiple things going. With careers, they can be a bit anal. Oddly enough centaurs stick to routines in this area of life. They do their jobs or follow their career path to perfection. Sagg would be good in active and mutable careers like construction- mainly because your location is always changing and you can work with your hands learning practical skills; freelance, philosopher, professor, anything that require details.


Yip… The phrase for this sign is I aspire.


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