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Houses in Astrology

There are 12 houses in astrology. The 12 houses correlate to the 12 signs. The 1st house is home for Ares, the 2nd house is home to Taurus, the 3rd house is home to Gemini so on and so forth. Astrological houses hold an is the environment the zodiac signs evolve in. As for planets, the houses are ruled or governed by planets, corresponding to the masculine and feminine aspect of planets. An easy way to tell if a house is masculine or feminine is if it is an even or odd house. Even numbers are seen as feminine, odd numbers are masculine. Another way is by the natural element associated with that house, fire and air are masculine, earth and water are feminine.

There are three types of houses angular houses relating to cardinal signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Succedent houses relating to fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Then, cadent houses relating to mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Angular houses create the structure of the natal chart and start the flow of energy through the signs. Succedent houses preserve the energy created from the Agular houses and Cardinal signs. The need for preservation in the houses is one reason why fixed signs are stubborn and hard to change. Cadent houses keep the energy flowing ensuring nothing is stagnant. The requirement for energy to move and progress is why mutable signs need space freedom and the ability to move and transmute in accordance with there element.

The primary run through of the houses are as follows

House          Zodiac    Planet    Element   House type    Modality   Gender

1st house    Aries      Mars       Fire            Angular          Cardinal   Masculine

2nd House  Taurus   Venus    Earth        Succedent         Fixed        Feminine

3rd House  Gemini   Mercury  Air          Cadent              Mutable    Masculine

4th House  Cancer    Moon        Water      Angular           Cardinal   Feminine

5th House   Leo         Sun          Fire           Succedent        Fixed        Masculine

6th House  Virgo      Mercury   Earth       Cadent             Mutable   Feminine

7th House  Libra      Venus        Air            Angular          Cardinal    Masculine

8th House Scorpio    Mars/Pluto   Water   Succedent      Fixed        Feminine

9th House Sagittarius   Jupiter    Fire       Cadent            Mutable    Masculine

10th House Capricorn  Saturn   Earth    Angular          Cardinal    Feminine

11th House Aquarius  Saturn/Uranus   Air   Succedent    Fixed       Masculine

12th House Pisces  Jupiter/Neptune   Water   Cadent      Mutable   Feminine

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Pluto is a dwarf planet discovered in 1930. In modern astrology, it is the coldest and furthest away from the sun. Well, aside from Eris. Surprisingly, Pluto has five moons. It takes 248 years for one orbit around the sun lasting in one sign for about 21 years depending if the planet is going direct or in the various stages of retrograde. This planet sometimes crosses Neptune’s orbit leading to it be close to the sun than Neptune at times.

Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld. He was saved from the belly of Saturn by his brother Jupiter. Though, after being saved, he was given the crap end of the stick being sent to rule in the underworld. He has a helmet and a bident and is known as a wealth god given most material riches are from under or in the earth. Pluto co-rules sign Scorpio with Mars and governs the 8th house. It only has a feminine expression and is related to the element water and a fixed modality. Pluto is about the power and extremes of intimacy, betrayal, and mutual wealth.

The concept of death with Pluto relates to inner work. Yes, Pluto brings extreme measures when you are may face true death concerning those close to you. But, it is in efforts to transform yourself first then have the strength and power to transform the world around you. The lesson of death and transformation can be seen when betrayal comes, or opposition arise.

Pluto can be related to Mars if you turn the outward force of Mars inward. For me, I can’t feel the supposed radiating power using off Plutonians unless I look them in the eyes. Some people governed by Pluto learn how to control their emotions, but there is a strong sense of ownership and possession when Plutonians desire something or someone. Learning how to transmute the energy is better than trying to control the energy. Focus all that force on bettering yourself and environment. You will get what you desire to an extreme one way or another because of the stubborn intensity of emotions.

The antithesis of Pluto is Venus, more so the feminine expression of Venus. Venus is about harmony, stability, comfort, values, and beauty all personal. Not caring what others think but keeping with an authentic self. Pluto is about control and melding with another for transformation. The idea of power and transformation is not one of stability or comfort.

Metaphysically, do not play with this Planet. If you want to experiment with Pluto, watch out. I’m telling you this from personal trial and error. Don’t. But there are those who will. Please proceed with caution. Have protection mundane and spiritual. Heed the warning when they come. Be prepared for soul-wrenching transformation. This is a dark planet. Do not play with Pluto. If you want to study Hades, write the glyph on a candle an concentrate on it. Study darker deities and to begin to understand what you are dealing with. Develop will and determination to be able to get through anything.


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Scorpio 1.0

Now we get to Scorpio. Scorpio is also known as the scorpion of the zodiac. Though you have other archetypes for Scorpio- the eagle, and the Phoenix. But, that is for Scorpio 2.0. They are of the fixed modality and are water signs meaning they are emotional creatures. Though, they are not emotional in the same way as Cancer or Pisces. The time period for the scorpion is October 23 to November 22. They come from the 8th house in astrology. Okay, so the eighth house is the second “bad” or unfavorable house in astrology, the first being the 6th. The eighth house is about other peoples money, sex, taboos, taxes, death- transformative death, the house of what is hidden like occult knowledge, of things beneath the surface.

There are two planets ruling Scorpio- Mars, and Pluto.  With Mars, Scorpio is the feminine aspect of the planet. But, with Pluto Scorpio is the only aspect of Pluto. That is saying Pluto is mainly feminine. So, we know Mars is the Roman god of war, the bloodlust of battle, and primal rage though he has mar marital intelligence about him. All of that is present in Scorpio, but it is turned inward, being feminine as stuff. The God ruling Scorpio is the Roman God Pluto. With the Greek it is Hades. Both are underworld gods, gods of wealth (Pluto was shown with the horn of plenty or the cornucopia). They wear the helmet of darkness or the cape of invisibility,  each likes to hide or keep covered in the realm of the dead. They were gods many didn’t like to talk about much. If you want to know more about Pluto or Hades, read of Persophone and Hades. But, most of the attributes the gods carry you can find in Scorpio.

This sign is intense, scheming, full of the rage of Ares, sexual but this sign is not easy to access. Though, for some reason, I can’t feel the intensity of a Scorpio when I meet one. They feel muted…as if a wall is there. The trick is you must look into their eyes to understand how deep this sign is and how much of themselves they are able to control. This is true for the Sun sign, Moon, and Rising sign ( I’ll talk about that later). They usually have pretty good control over their emotional energy, given that they are a fixed water sign. Scorpio is the sign of extremes and many times they will go through a betrayal of some sort. Scorpio can look underneath the surface of things that pique their interest. They are intuitive and a bit psychic when it comes to dealing with others.

Given that their third house is Capricorn, Scorpio is Johnny tight lips when it comes to communicating. They can keep a secret better than anyone else. Though they are most likely using it as leverage. But they want to keep the friends they make. It is hard to trust someone enough to call a friend for Scorpio.

Emotionally they see themselves as different and original. Oddly enough this sign has Aquarius ruling the fourth house. They want the things they find comfort in separate from the rest. They make a family from those that show loyalty, meaning friends, to them and not always with their family. Think of the phrase ‘Blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb.’ Scorpios can understand the emotions of people easily. They are possessive in relationships wanting stability from a steadfast mate. They will attract earthy and practical people who have a concern for money and material things. Socially, Scorpios attract a lot of attention without trying. If the Scorpio is creative, they can make this their career. Leo as the 10th house ruler makes them good stockbrokers, artist, entrepreneurs, and government officials. They will do well in the role of a boss. Though, when focusing on a career you should look at someone’s native sun sign, Capricorn placement, and as the tenth house to start. Scorpios will be right in dealing with things that lay underneath like jewelers, plumbers, tunnel workers, detectives, finance. Cap is the 3rd house so commerce, writing, or being an orator could be career moves for the scorpion.

Oh! A bonus part for Scorpio!! The eighth sign away from Scorpio gives more depth about this sign. Truly, any house that is the same number away from its self ( meaning the house it naturally occupies) will provide more depth to that sign. Gemini is 8th from Scorpio. Mercury is the god that moves between the living and the dead, the divine and mundane, with an insatiable curiosity. This applies to Scorpios they want to know hidden things around them making them lean towards occult knowledge.

For more on Scorpio wait for Scorpio 2.0

The phrase for this sign is I desire. 


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