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Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun right behind Uranus (tehehehe). Neptune has 5 rings with 14 moons. Because of the color, it is named after the Roman sea god Neptune. This gas giant takes 165 years to orbit the sun lasting in one sign for about 14 years depending if it is going direct, or if it is going through the various stages of retrograde.

Neptune rules the 12th house,  co-rules the sign Pisces with Jupiter even when Pisces is the sole expression of Neptune. With water as the element for this planet, with a  mutable modality. Even though the god Neptune is male the planet is feminine given that the sign, house, and element attributed to it are all feminine Neptune is about illusions, glamour, it is elusive and cunning. Keep that in mind when you are dealing with Pisces most of the time the victim card is a cunning ploy. Very few Neptunian/Pisces/12th house people are truly gullible. If they listen to their intuituion they realize any games someone else is trying to play with them. Often times the seasoned Neptunian is five steps ahead. Do not underestimate them.

Neptune is a planet that governs the contemporary in a sense it is a generational planet like the rest of the modern planets Uranus and Pluto included. It regulates over the collective subconscious, and it is a planet closely related to the other side of the vail and the dead. Yes, I know it is more recognized that Pluto rules the dead. Though from experience, personal and professional, Neptune dominate people or those with strong 12th house placement and Neptune aspects encounter more of the other side than not. The difference in encounters of death between the two planets is from perspective. Neptune accepts death and the dead as natural and every day whereas Plutonic death is a catalyst for transformation. With Pluto, it is felt more harshly than not forcing the softer side of someone to have a mini death within in order to continue on. An example of Neptune dealing with the dead someone with Neptune in the 4th house may grow up near or across from cemeteries and are more inclined to have a mother or family who can see the other side. Whereas a Plutonic 4th house person would have to go through power struggles, violence, and symbolic death to survive their ordeals. When death happens Plutonically it is soul crushing. Though, think of it as something to make you durable.

Neptune dominant people are imaginative, creative, most of the time they are a bit psychic. They are very artistic, also can easily pick up makeup and glamour better than any other planetary dominant. They need their time alone to recharge and space to. There may be a tendency to desire to get lost through spirituality or substance abuse.

The opposing planet for Neptune is Mercury. The Neptune Mercury dynamic is of vagueness and precision respectively. Though both planets are about understanding the ever-changing world around them Neptune does so by recognizing the subconscious and emotions that are by nature incomprehensible. While Mercury gains understanding in its environment deducing topics outside of emotions in practical ways. For the feminine expression of Mercury what makes sense before should make sense again. Neptune moto would be what is is or what will be will be. Then flip a situation to benefit the Neptunian.

If you want to work with this planet metaphysically or magically, I would advise studying the ocean, learning about ocean deities. Study the gods Poseidon, Neptune, and Yemaya, learn sailor lore. a good day for Neptune is Friday just as it is for Venus. Learn about all forms of art, music, art, theater, etc. Understand the subconscious and metaphysics. I hope you the best on your journey.

astrology, Planets!!!


Jupiter is a gas giant behind the asteroid belt. It is the fifth planet from the sun taking one year to orbit around our central star with 79 moons we know of!  This planet is the largest in the known solar system. Jupiter is in a sign for about one year depending on the motion of this planet. Meaning if Jupiter is in the process of going into or out of retrograde, is retrograde, or direct. In turn, taking 12 years to complete the zodiac wheel.

Jupiter is about abundance, good or bad. This planet amplifies its placement. Because of the abundant energy, many see Jupiter as a planet of Fortune. Jupiter rules two signs Sagittarius, the masculine expression, and Pisces the feminine element of Jupiter. The houses natal to the Gas Giant are the 9th and the 12th houses. Both are two sides of the same coin when you look into the details of them. The only expression of Jupiter is mutable just as it is for Mercury. The Elements attributed to Jupiter are Fire and Water giving this planet a sense of spirituality.

Jupiter is a planet of optimism and opportunity. It can abundantly give to the max may time you can relate the abundant nature to audacity when it comes to getting what it wants. There is a need for this planet to say in motion, being mutable, not waiting for fortune but creating beneficence. There are other significances of Jupiter in astrology. This planet is known as the husband because it is a benefactor. In a woman’s it is the Husband, and in a Man’s chart, it is how he is as a husband or a long-term relationship. To understand this in a personal chart look at the aspects, sign placement, and house Jupiter holds. To know what is going on with the husband look at the transits aspecting the natal Jupiter.

The opposite Planet to Jupiter is Mercury. Both are about gaining understanding and knowledge. Though, they do it in opposing ways. Jupiter looks for more metaphysical, spiritual and emotional, form of comprehension in constant search for true be it positive or not using what it knows to get what it wants. While Mercury does the same through, logical and practical ways. Mercury tries to bend the truth according to its will using cunning. Jupiter is of mutable energy from higher dimensions. Mercury taps into both upper and lower realms applying high knowledge to everyday life.

Jupiter is the King of Gods. Within pagan religions, the God who is at the top or high point tends to be very Jupitanian A few Gods to name would be Thor, Jupiter, Zeus, and Changó. Because of Jupiter’s place among the traditional planets, Thursday is its day. The metal for Jupiter is tin, and the finger of Jupiter is the index finger.


astrology, Planets!!!


Mercury is the closest planet to the sun in our solar system, with an extremely thin atmosphere not doing much to protect it from the Sun’s rays and flare. Its named after Romes God Mercury the trickster god of thieves, moving through the veil, and male virility who enjoys the company of man more than that of the gods. This small planet orbits the sun in about 88 days, 87.97 to be more accurate, staying in one sign from two weeks to one month depending on the motion of this planet. Meaning if Mercury is in the process of going into or out of retrograde, retrograde, or direct.

In astrology, this planet governs communication, thinking, peers, and cunning. It rules Gemini and Virgo, Exalted in Virgo, Falls in Pisces, and is debilitated in Sagittarius. Mercury is about obtaining knowledge through curiosity, again, governing two signs Gemini, gaining information and Virgo- breaking down that information. It rules over the third house of short travel, peers, communication, and sixth house of open enemies, health, and routine. The two elements attributed to Mercury air and earth showing in astrology this planet is about logic and practicality. Mercury’s mode is mutable meaning the characteristics of Mercury are fickle, cunning, detached, and always adjusting to change. When Mercury aspects a planet it adds Gemini or Virgo qualities to that plant. For example, Venus/Mercury aspects can give eloquence with speech, value logic and reason, learning skills, love of talking and being social with peers, dating multiple people at once or serial dating, and lends to noticing details and/or being critical of those in your personal relationship. Mercury/Moon aspects give a busy mind, nervous thoughts/emotions, need for talk and communication for comfort, wanting to move around, or traveling short distances for emotional stability.

Mercury dominant people, for the most part, are curious, leans towards intellectualism, tend to be lean and wiry, with long limbs or fingers. Mercury gives a need for people to build and gain skills, most of the time it is hard for Mercury dom people to stick to one thing.

Alchemically The symbolic meaning of Mercury is shown in the three elements of dark matter as Spirit. The glyph is composed of the crescent, circle the ego, and cross showing the connection of the mind and self on the physical and spiritual. Think of this a moving through the vail and bring your thoughts from the mental or spiritual to the mundane/physical. The metal for Mercury is quicksilver, the day is Wednesday, the finger it rules is the pinky finger. As for the Body, mercury rules the arms and hands.



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Pisces 1.0

Now we can cross the veil to learn about Pisces. Pisces is a mutable water sign represented by to fish connected and swimming in opposite directions. The time period for Pisces is February 18th to March 20th. They are the feminine expression of Jupiter and the sole expression of Neptune. In mythology, Neptune is the god of the sea…well fresh water and governed over horses. (okay, my two cents in this I feel he was an earth or forest god, but whatever…I’ma keep on this path) He was one of the gods eaten by his father, Saturn. But, was later saved by Jupiter and they all fought the Titans at took over the world As Gods yea!

Neptune rules earthquakes, is extremely emotionally unstable, rule over oracles. His day is July 23, the festival of Neptune. So that is info on the god. Neptune the Astro planet governs glamor, imagination, psychics, moving between worlds, addictions, drugs, and alcohol. What about the sign… Pisces comes from the 12th house in astrology representing the collective unconscious, imagination, sickness, or addictions, captivity, being alone, spirituality, all those cool things.

Pisces have a vast imagination where they can create and dream within their own world. Though, to most on the outside of that world, it would look like they aren’t doing much in the mundane like the opposite sign Virgo who needs to be constantly doing things and constantly working to stay somewhat sane. Most people see Pisces as a weak or fragile sign but that would be a mistake to do so. They have strong intuitions and are extremely cunning. It would not be wise to try to pull a fast one on them- It will come back to haunt you.  Remember this sign understand the unconscious motives of those around them they can catch on to sketchy people if they trust their intuition. The ability for them to feel or take on the emotions and unconscious of others is the reason why people may see this sign as moody.

The best way for Pisces to handle this is to have time alone to process and understand their own emotions. Writing out how they feel or talking to someone one on one will help a lot. Also going on nature walks or learning about something to take their mind off of how they feel or what they are interpreting from others will help. Not, trying to drown it out with booze or other things- it would make everything worse. In their relationships, they would like a partner they can depend on. Pisces desires someone to ground them and help keep the day to day in order working properly. Though, those partners most of the time are hypercritical, nerves, and would try to perfect the Pisces energy even those Pisces is just fine the way they are. Pisces have the capability to be gurus and spiritual leaders, they will find luck and fortune when they work at making an image, a career or a good life for themselves. Careers to think about for Pisces would be an anesthesiologist, plastic surgeon, pharmacologist, own a bar, fashion, astrology or a spiritual practice, or an artist. To be honest, a Pisces can do pretty much anything and strike gold with it.


The phrase for Pisces is I believe.

astrology, Zodiac 1.0

Capricorn 1.0

So, goats…Capricorn is another earth sign. They are the half goat half fish, or you could see it as a sea goat. Capricorn marks the Winter solstice on December 21st. Their time period is December 21st to January 20th. They are the cardinal earth sign that sits on the top of the mountian…or chart in astrology. This sign’s home is the 10th house or midheaven that rules social status, image, career, represents the father, destiny, success, and ambition. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is the Feminine aspect of Saturn- the masculine would be Aquarius.  When we talk about Capricorn, we should speak of Pricus the original sea-goat, and Cronos to father of time.

Pricus was a creation of Cronos and, for the short story, Tried to revert time to change is children’s destiny because he had the ability over time like Cronos does. But saw it as futile, no matter what he was the only one not affected time while his children were. They reverted to infants and always went to the shore changing from sea-goat to mountain goats incapable of speech or understanding. Because he lost his children to their destiny, he asked Cronos to be killed. Instead, he became the Constellation Capricorn. Cronos, on the other hand, is about the cycle of life the future and destiny. The God overthrew his father, gained power through this then tried to stop a prophecy of his children overthrowing him. Alas, he could not stop his destiny nor his children’s. Cronos was usurped by Zeus.

Anyways, Cronos governs time, repping what you sow. What does this have to do with Capricorn? Capricorn is ambitions- Just like Cronos and Saturn ( the Roman equivalent). They are on the same mode as Aries, so their ambition is about survival. Most of the time Capricorn has to mature extremely fast. Usually, they will experience great amounts of responsibility either of others or just hard knock life. This sign like Scorpio gets served a heavy dose of karma. Though, Capricorn can handle it. They can handle pretty much anything. These mountain goats just don’t stop. They are not emotion…wait let me take that back. They are emotional. Buttttt, most of the time the emotions have been beaten into submission but their cast iron will. These people will make it no matter what.

The good life for Capricorn will happen when they honor the rules of life and stability going after what they want with a practical plan. At the start of their life, the sea-goat may be spendthrift. Though, when this happens life will throw them the worst curveball ever. They will learn to not be reckless with material and financial matters. Being a cardinal earth sign Capricorn will take the initiative to manage and grow their money. Most of the time they will rely on traditional means so wealth building. For example, for years people have saved their wealth in banks. Though, it is not the best thing to do when inflation is 3%, and bank interest rates are 0.01%  but who’s to tell a Capricorn what to do? Aries rules the 4th house for Cap meaning they can be hot heads when it boils down to it. The home life could have been a battlefield, or they would have to become the leader of the household. On the one on one romance, they want a relationship where they can emotionally connect with someone else. A relationship where they can feel nurtured and safe.

Capricorn may end up with a partner who is moody and requires a lot of emotional care. Most of the time their other half has strong moon influences in the chart. Noooww, the tenth house is where they shine!! This is the house that gives more in-depth info on Capricorn. They are all about status and image. It may be a tough road up that hill, but you will never know by looking at them. Having Libra here ruled by Venus shows that Capricorns are usually GORGEOUSThey will use their looks to their advantage and most likely marry up. They have a knack for refined art and beauty. Career-wise, Cap can be a lawyer or judge, art dealer or construction worker, architect, commodities broker, or divorce attorney, et cetera.

So, I wrote way too much on Capricorn. But I still have more to say about this sign. It would have to wait for Capricorn 2.0.

The phrase for Capricorn is I use. 

astrology, Zodiac 1.0

Cancer 1.0

Here we go. Now for Cancer the crab. This zodiac is cardinal and the first water sign of the zodiac. Cancer starts the Summer Solstice making the dates for Cancer season June 21 to July 22. Cancer is ruled by the moon there is only one aspect of the moon and that is Feminine but you must know that there must be a masculine. There must be a yang to the yin. So the masculine for Cancer is Leo. it is like say the masculine to the moon is the sun. You see how that worked. I would explain why this is so with retrograde planets. The moon comes from the 4th house in astrology this is also referred to as the Imum Coeli or the bottom of the sky. The 4th house is the house of comfort, habits, family lineage, the mother, real estate, and the person’s emotional core. The diety governing the moon is the Greek Selene and the Roman Luna. Now know that the moon waxes and wanes there Selene and Luna are apart of a triad. For the Greeks, the triad was Artemis a lunar goddess of the hunt, Selene the goddess of the full moon, and Hecate the goddess of witchcraft. For the Romans, those goddesses are Diana, Luna, Hekate sometimes Trivia. Selene is about emotions, love, intuition, dreams, magic, divination, and psychic visions.  When it comes to the Cancer zodiac sign you have someone keenly aware of their emotions as well as the emotions of others.  Because this sign has the moon governing it they are extremely intuitive and receptive.  Though, because they are the crab they are given a way to protect the soft emotion side with the tough outer shell and their claws this makes them able to be offensive or defensive yet clingy because of the emotional needs. They are big on there family and the home. If you have a well-adjusted crab you will see the motherly nurturing side, but trust me this is not the only side of this zodiac.  The will you usually have caring friends in their life, who at the same time may be critical of everything they do. The Cancer themselves are calculating with what the say and how they communicate with those around them. The biggest part of cancer is, as I’ve said, their emotions. With this watery placement, the feelings are ruled by Libra. You will have Cancer justifying their actions based on how they feel. They will manipulate, or change, the emotions of others to match what they want and their view of the world. Moving to the relationships of a Cancer they are the ones wanting a mature partner that will bring real stability to their lives. Because the seventh house is ruled by Capricorn, there could be some work romance happening within the Cancer’s life. The crab tends to date for the long-term and will hold on to the partner with its claws. Now, never think they are soft push-overs they project a tough as nails demeanor. Aries is nothing to f*ck with. Cancer can be the leader of any pack. They usually will dominate in male-dominated careers. They may or may not like competition but man they will win at any cost. This sign can be great fitness instructors, entrepreneurs, chefs, executives, social workers, et cetera.

This is all I gots on the Cancer sign for now. I will be doing zodiac 2.0 after all the quarter of this blog is finished. So, tootles for now.

Oh, and the phrase for Cancer is I feel.

astrology, Zodiac 1.0

Gemini 1.0

Moving on to Gemini, aka the twins. Gemini marks the end months of spring. Gemini season ( like all mutable seasons) is a time of transition. Anyways Gemini season starts from May 20th- June 21st. This is the first Air sign of the zodiac. They are the first true chatterbox of astrology. Their words are a bit grand, dramatic, and …creative in nature.  They will talk to you if they like you or not. Back to the mutableness of the Twins. Mutable is about adopting an accepting change. The mutable signs seem elusive and fickle. Gemini is an embodiment of quicksilver. Okay so in astrology Gemini comes from the 3rd house.

This house is about logic, commerce, quick trips, siblings and peers, the neighbors, and cunning. The planet that rules Gemini is Mercury. Gemini is the masculine aspect of Mercury with Virgo being the feminine aspect. The twins, they are some sly devils. And yes I mean they, if you ever met a Gemini you are meeting more than one person. They are dynamic people. To get a better grasp on them to look at the god that gives them such a nature- Mercury for the Romans and Hermes for the Greeks. Hermes was the quick messenger god moving between the boundaries of the divine and human, also the living and dead. He was a god the could go and come through the underworld. He was the god of Thieves, trade, male virility, sleep, speech, animal husbandry, athletes (surprise!), sports. Hermes is a god of luck- even though we pair this with Sagittarius, you must realize Gemini and Sag is on the same plane. Anyways, Hermes likes people, they interest him. There is another name for Hermes- Hermes Trismegistus or Hermes thrice great. He is mostly known for the emerald tables and Alchemy he is known to have a double snaked winged staff, a brimmed hat, and winged shoes. Mercury this the same as Hermes. So, back to Gemini. They are duality personified.

If you know one, you will notice how they can switch perspective in the drop of a hat. They are gregarious, they love to be around people. Gemini minds go 100 miles a minute! What they love is the accumulation knowledge. Gemini is a wordsmith most rappers have strong Gemini placements…usually mars in Gemini- I wouldn’t want to get in an argument with one. When it comes to their emotions, they tend to be more simmered down. Practical, yet very particular in who and what they want to invest their emotional life in. They can compartmentalize well and like cleans homes even though they may not want to clean it themselves. In relationships Gemini needs space and freedom- you can’t hold this person down. They just don’t want to be held down, they want to be as social as possible. People tend to look up to Geminis. To the public, they can be elusive as a Pisces. The twins are great in the film industry, and photography is like second nature to these people. Other careers to think about is communications, newscaster, writer, start an e-commerce business or a mathematician. They have a wide variety of skills.

On a side note, don’t take the Gemini’s airy personality as foolhardy. They will play mind games with you. This sign this the eighth house of Scorpio. On the surface, they seem light, but they can reach unimagined depths. Plus ( I don’t know why others haven’t picked up on this) they have a pretty high sex drive. Just something to leave you with. The phrase best known for Gemini is I think.